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Lack of Harmony in Married Life

Lack of Harmony in Married Life  

In order to arrive at a realistic assessment of a horoscope it is very important for an astrologer to give due weightage to the environment in which the native is placed and also to the type of discipline he is subjected to.

With this background let us analyse astrologically the compatibility between the natives of the following charts with the actual case history.

The birth star of girl Poorva phalguni compares very favourably with the birth star of boy which is Aridra. As per reckoning of Koota Agreement Method it scores 27.5 points out of a total of 36. The alliance was accordingly cleared by the astrologers and the marriage took place in May, 1972.

It was an arranged marriage between tradition bound families. Socially they are well placed, the boy holding a coveted job with a salary of four figures, while the girl is the younger among the two sisters with no brothers and brought up under affluent conditions. At the time of marriage it was considered an ideal combination from all aspects.

The parents had a shock when their daughter returned from her husband's home with the intent of not going back. This was about one and half years after marriage. She expressed that her husband was impotent and incapable of sex act. In sympathy with the feelings of their daughter and in due the adherence to the advice of friends and well-wishers, the court was moved for legal separation. In contesting the case, it was made out by the other party that the boy is capable of normal sex life as per medical opinion, though the boy was not subjected to any medical examination by the court.

An astrological analysis of the sexual compatibility should prove interesting. In astrological parlance, 8th house is associated with sex-organ, while the 7th house is said to reveal the native's approach to sex-life. In the male chart the lord of 8th house is Ravi (Sun). Sun is, of course, associated with an impotent planet Budha (Mercury). But Budha is debilitated while the lord of the house in which Ravi is posited is fully aspecting both Ravi and Budha. The eighth house itself is free from any relationship of impotent planets. On the other hand it is aspected by Sukra (Venus) a benefic and a karaka for love and sex. Astrologically the conclusion would be that there cannot be any physical handicap with reference to sex-organ. Whereas the presence of Rahu in the 7th house aspected by Shani (Saturn) are combinations which make the native shy in his approach to sex and lukewarm in expression. Added to it Sukra in 2nd gives inhibition of inferiority complex in presence of wife, popularly termed as "hen-pecked". Moon's position in Rahu's star makes him hypersensitive. The same moon by virtue of its position in Mithuna (Gemini) sign infuses over-sex instinct. Guru (Jupiter) as lord of 12th indicating bed comforts is associated with the shadow planet Rahu (Guru Chandal Yoga). Cumulative effect of these planetary influences would be withdrawal from normal sex at the slightest opposition from the partner and possible indulgence in artificial means of gratification.

In contrast, the female chart indicates her to be an aggressive and forward type as a sex partner. Combination of Sukra and Kuja in the eighth house makes her free from any inhibitions and bold in her approach. Presence of Rahu there fires her imagination in the context of sex. Presence of Ketu in 2nd aspected by Kuja sharpens her tongue and makes her outspoken. Lagna lord Budha's association with lord of the 3rd house standing for courage, who happens to be Ravi representing self-ego, obliterates the natural feelings of feminine tenderness and shyness. She can be expected to be demanding and also uncompromising with regard to sexual desires and satisfaction.

The outcome of such a combination from the sexual compatibility point of view could be devastating. The male partner being shy, hen pecked and hypersensitive when confronted with a demanding, passionate and sexually turbulent partner may fail to live up to the demands and end in premature ejaculation. Bitten with frustration, were she to taunt the male partner and question his competence, there is every likelihood of the male partner getting into his shell and feel psychological impotence. His condition needs an understanding and compassionate partner, while a superiority approach would unnerve him and kill his manliness as such. The astrological conclusion, therefore, is a possibility of the boy suffering from psychological impotence which is curable and would respond to tender treatment at the hands of a female partner who can boost his ego by her amorous acts.

One such combination which has been tested and found to hold true in maximum number of cases for disharmony in married life is the one relating to the affliction of Chandra (Moon) and Sukra (Venus). Karakas or significators of Mind and sexual love. In any horoscope, male or female, if the Moon (Chandra) and Venus (Sukra) are afflicted by Saturn (Shani) and or Kuja (Mars) through conjuction or aspect then it can be safely surmised that the native would have chequered married life and it would be a life of tension and misunderstanding. It is important to note that both Chandra and Sukra should not be badly afflicted. The affliction could be from Shani or Kuja and it could also be in such a way as one is afflicted by Shani while the other by Kuja.

Depending upon the extent of benefic influence on the seventh house and Lagna, the adverse effects would not be reduced but their presence would however be felt invariably. In such cases, wherein the seventh house and seventh lord also suffer from malefic affliction, the condition is bound to get aggravated. In addition to such an affliction, should there be a planetary set up by which the lagna lord and seventh lord are posited six-eight to each other or two-twelve position to each other, the possibility of seperation would be more pronounced.

In the case under reference, we can observe that in the female chart, Lagna lord Budha and 7th lord Guru are posited six and eight position from each other, while in the male Chart the lagna lord Shani and 7th lord Chandra are in two-twelve position. We can summarize that the marriage is bound to end in separation as there is no other redeeming feature in this context.

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