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Jupiter-The lord of furtune

Jupiter-The lord of furtune  

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J- Judicious, joy

U- Upliftment

P- Priest, Progeny, Profit, Personal Growth

I- Income, intellectual, incarnation

T- Teacher, truthfulness

E- Expansion, elevation

R- Religious, righteous

Jupiter is the largest planet of Solar system and karaka of all the attributes listed above. Jupiter is highly benefic, auspicious, devotional planet and is often called the planet of fortune, the Guru of God. He is the significator (karaka) of prosperity, marriage, progeny and for all good things in life as well. People take sigh of relief when they come to know that they are under the influence of dasha of Jupiter. If Sun & Moon are like the King and Queen of the Royal family, Mercury the Prince, Mars the Commander In Chief, Venus for all the luxuries, Saturn for all the subordinates, Jupiter is the Priest - who is divine, true & sattavik by nature. Jupiter in Sanskrit is known as Brahaspati or GURU and GURU holds a prime importance in anyone’s life, sometimes more than mother & father.



In Kalapurush Kundli, Jupiter is the Lord of 9th (Bhagyasthan) & 12th(vyayasthan) houses. It aspects 5th, 7th, & 9th houses. His aspect is more benefic than His placement, wherever His aspect goes, those houses flourish & expand. For ex if Jupiter is placed in 9th house, 1st, 3rd, & 5th houses. For example, wherever a horoscope gets aspects of Jupiter, it become auspicious.

There is always a feel good factor with this Planet. A true Jupitarian ( in whose horoscope Jupiter is well placed without any malefic influence) is not only blessed with a certain kind of aura & a divine spark in his personality, but if there are any doshas in his horoscope , they also get cancelled and the native leads a smooth & happy life.

Jupiter represents the drive for insight on an intellectual, philosophical, & religious level. Jupiter is said to bring great good fortune, & his influence is to expand the effect of everything that come into contact with it. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun, He spends almost one year in each sign. Therefore, his influence is very important & more inclined to the collective rather than personal.

However, in today’s fast life where Mercury’ s gifts- communication gadgets are plenty, Venus blooms with all its materialistic comforts, Mars and Saturn’s energy heat up the environment with all their machines & atomic bombs, there is urgent call for Jupiter’s calm & peaceful bliss. Jupiter’s domain – spiritualism, yoga, meditation, all are required to maintain the balance in the universe. So let us pray to ‘GURU of GODS’ to bestow on each one of us His Divine blessings, in order to restore our mental peace & concentration for the betterment of our survival.

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