Judgement of wealth through Indu Lagna

Judgement of wealth through Indu Lagna  

'Indu Lagna' is an independent and complete method devised by our ancient Rishis for finding out specific period of life which will give wealth and prosperity of an individual irrespective of other Dhana yogas present in the horoscope. The increase in wealth will be corresponding to Desh-Kal-Patra, that is, according to status and circumstances of the individual.,/p>

The Moon in Sanskrit is called 'Indu', hence Indu Lagna should not be confused with Chandra Lagna (Rashi). Indu Lagna is calculated with the help of 9th house lords from Chandra Lagna and Janma Lagna in the horoscope. Our Rishis have allotted specific kalas (root numbers) to the seven planets (except Rahu and Ketu) for calculating Indu Lagna. Among others, Acharya Kalidas in Uttara Kalarita (Ch. IV. 27) has briefly described the method of calculation of Indu Lagna and its result as follows:

अर्कान्नागचटस्तनुर्जननटः खेटायनं स्युस्तनो-
श्चन्द्राद्भाग्यपयोः क्लैक्यमिनहृच्छिष्टं विद्योर्यद्गृहम्।
तद्राशौ तु विपापशोभनखगे कोटीश्वरं तन्वते,
चेत्पापे तु सहस्त्रशः खलखगे तुंगेऽपि कोटीश्वरम्।।

meaning, 'The units of brilliance for the seven plantes are Sun-30, Moon-16, Mars-6, Mercury-8, Jupiter-10, Venus -12, and Saturn-1. Take the Kalas of the lord of the ninth from Lagna and the lord of the ninth from the Moon. Add them. Divide it by twelve and take the remainder. Count the remainder from the Moon sign. This is Indu Lagna. If there is a benefic without any melefic, the native become a multi-millionaire. If there is a malefic, his wealth is in thousands only. If the melefic is exalted. he will be multi-millionare." In Uttara Kalamrita Indu Lagna has been listed after 'Adhi Yoga' (Ch.IV.26) under the heading 'owning wealth.' followed by 'Dhan Yoga' (ch.IV.28) and 'Special Dhana Yogas'. This indicates that the result of Indu Lagna is independent of other Dhan Yogas present in the horoscope.

Procedure explained:

As stated above, we have to note the lords of the 9th house from Lagna and also from the Moon Lagna (Rasi). The Kalas (root numbers) for these two planets are noted from above details and added. Their sum total is divided by 12. Ignoring the quotient we take the remainders. If the sum total of the two numbers is less than 12, then that number is treated as remainder. Finally, we have to count the remainder number from the Moon sign. The sign arrived at is called 'Indu Lagna'. when the remainder is 'Zero', the sign before Moon sign is treated as Indu Lagna. When the remainder is 1, the Moon sign becomes Indu Lagna; when the remainder is 2, then 2nd house from Moon sign becomes Indu Lagna, and so on.

Analysis of Indu Lagna:

A summary of the views of Acharya Kalidas and other scholars is as follows:

  • The quantum of wealth depends upon the natural disposition and strength of the planet (s) located in Indu Lagna. The planet aspecting, and aspected by the planet in Indu Lagna, also has a say in the matter.
  • When a planet is situated in Indu Lagna, the Dasha period of that planet gives wealth and prosperity.
  • A benefic planet (Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Mercury, or waxing Moon) Indu Lagna gives very good wealth in the dasha-bhukti.
  • If two benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus, waxing Moon, or Jupiter and Mercury) occupy Indu Lagna, which also happens to be own sign (Swakshetra) or one of the benefics located there, the dasha period of that planet gives excellent result and makes the native very rich.
  • An exalted benefic planet in Indu Lagna will give sudden enormous wealth during its dasha-bhukti.
  • If there is no planet in Indu Lagna, then the planet in Kendra or Trikona from Indu Lagna, or aspecting it, will give prosperity in its dasa bhukti, commensurate with its strength.
  • A melefic planet in Indu Lagna gives moderate wealth. A benefic and a melefic planet in Indu Lagna will give mixed result.
  • But an exalted malefic in Indu Lagna gives very good wealth towards the end of its dasha.
  • Strong 2nd and 11th house from Indu Lagna also increases wealth manifold. Let us examine a few practical example.

a) Male. Born: Sept.14,1938, 11.36 PM at 25 N 27, 78 E 34.

The 9th lord from Moon is Jupiter whose root number number is10. The 9th lord from Lagna is Saturn whose root No. is 11, These total 11, and treated as remainder. Counting from Moon Indu Lagna falls in Aquarius, which is occupied by Jupiter and aspects the Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 3rd house. The native got government job at the age of 19 years in Mars Mercury. Jupiter also aspects 5th house and Swakshetri Venus and Rahu there. In Rahu Dasha-Venus Bhukti, the native got foreign assignment in Indian Embassy and remained abroad for over 5 years. This considerably improved his financial status, and on return he purchased a DDA flat at Delhi at the beginning of Jupiter dasha in 1980.

b) Male. Born: March 16, 1950, 9 hr. 19 m. at 10 N 46, 79 E 09.

The 9th lord from Moon is Venus whose root number is 12. The 9th lord from Lagna is Jupiter whose root No. is 10. Their total is 22. Dividing it by 12, the remainder is 10. Counting from Moon sign, Indu Lagna falls in Scorpio. There is no planet in it. Jupiter is in Kendra to Indu Lagna. During Jupiter dasha the financial position of the native improved and he purchased a house in Delhi in 1982 during Jupiter Moon dasha.

c) Male. Born: Oct.11, 1942, 16 hr. 00m., at 25 N 57, 81 E 50.

This is the horoscope of actor Amitabh Bachchan. The 9th lord from Lagna is Venus whose root number is 12, and the 9th lord from Moon is Mercury whose root number is 8. These total to 20. Dividing by 12 we get 8 as remainder. Counting from Moon sign, the 8th sign is Taurus, which is Indu Lagna. Lagna lord Saturn is posited in Indu Lagna in friendly sign. During Saturn dasha (Nov., 1971 to November, 1990) he had many successful films which gave him fame, wealth and established him in Bollywood.

d) Male. Born: Dec. 28, 1932, 6 hr. 37m., at 20 N 53, 70 E 28.

This is the horoscope of late Shri Dheerubhai Ambani. The 9th lord from Lagna and Moon is Leo owned by the Sun. The total of root Nos. come to 60. Dividing by 12 remainder is zero. The 12th sign from Moon Scorpio becomes Indu Lagna, occupied by 10th lord Mercury and 11th lord Mars. In Mars dasha (1958) he started reliance company which laid the foundation of his industrial empire.

e) Male. Born: Oct.28, 1955, 20 hrs. 58 m., at 47 N 41, 122 E 15. This is the

horoscope of Bill Gates. Lagna is Gemini. The 9th lord from Lagna is Saturn whose root number is 1. The 9th lord from Moon is Mars, whose root No. is 6. These total to 7. Counting from Moon sign the 7th sign Virgo becomes Indu Lagna which contains exalted Lagna and 4th lord Mercury. It is in Shubh Kartari Yoga and in the 2nd house from it are posited Swakshetri Venus, exalted Saturn and Neechbhanga Sun. Waxing Moon and 2nd lord from Lagna aspects Indu Lagna from 10th house. Indu Lagna lord exalted Mercury dasha is running from July, 2005. He is one of the richest business tycoon of the world.

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