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Guidelines to Determine Profession

Guidelines to Determine Profession  

All planets in the 10th house give good results, because it is one of the Upachaya Bhavas besides being the most powerful Kendra. Even Rahu in the 10th house gives pilgrimage, or political status and the native gets an opportunity to serve others. The Sun and Mars, in the 10th house, can be a great blessing by providing dynamism and success. The Sun indicates pride, respect, position, status, responsibility, independent views and help from political and senior officers. The Moon shows fluctuations of fortune and success in public dealings, emotional views and a changeable work situation. Saturn indicates rapid rise and fall and hard work. If Rahu or Saturn is placed in Cancer in the ascendant or in the 10th house; or if Jupiter is placed in Pisces in a similar situation, Chhatra-Yoga is formed. Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee are natives with this Yoga in their charts. Ketu in the 10th indicates a routine job. In case the ascendant and 10th house are weak and have low Ashtakavarga strength, the whole chart is considerably weakened.

Planets placed in 10th house

Whenever any planet(s) occupies or aspects the 10th House, it influences the profession to a great extent. There could be three situations: (i) When the 10th house is not occupied by a planet (ii) When the 10th house is occupied by a planet (iii) When the 10th house is occupied by more than one planet.

  • In the First Case: The strongest planet between the lord of the 10th & the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord indicates the nature of the profession.
  • In the Second Case: the strongest planet amongst (1) the lord of the 10th house, (2) the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord, and (3) the planet placed in the 10th house will become the primary determinant in indicating profession.
  • In the Third Case: The strongest planet amongst (1) the lord of the 10th House, (2) the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord and (3) the most powerful planet occupying the 10th house will become the primary determinant of profession and career.

Important Note

(a) The Navamsa chart indicates skills and the nature of profession whereas the Dasamsa chart indicates success and failure in the profession. If a planet identified as the strongest determinant of profession in a nativity, is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in the Lagna chart, or this planet is the lord of these houses, it will not provide a stable professional career. Similarly, this planet if placed in the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses of the Dasamsa chart will indicate difficulties or breach in profession.

(b) If the planet, which is selected as the primary determinant of profession, is in close conjunction with another planet, or has Sambandha with other planets, this second planet will also have a prominent say in deciding the profession.

Varaha Mihira has given important clues in Chapter 10 of Brahat Jataka, ‘Karmajeeva’, with regard to the sources of income through profession and laid emphasis on four sets of planets:

  • Planets placed in the 10th house from the Ascendant and the Moon (the Sun is not included).
  • The lords of the Navamsa signs occupied by the 10th lords from the Ascendant, Moon and Sun. These planets also control/affect the income during their transits.
  • The placement of the lords of the 10th house from the Ascendant and the Moon in different Bhavas and signs.
  • The placement of auspicious and powerful planets in the Ascendant, 2nd house and 11th house.

1. Planets placed in the 10th house from the Ascendant and the Moon

(a) If the Sun and Mercury are placed in the 10th house, the native may start business/trade with the help of his father or Government officials or may get a Government job with the help of his friends and maternal uncle.

(b) Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao has Mars, Sun and Mercury in the 10th house (Virgo Ascendant). He became Prime Minister of India at the commencement of the Mars major period with the help of a friendly political establishment (represented by Sun and Mercury). All these three planets including Jupiter also aspect the 10th house (Sagittarius) from the Moon (placed in Pisces).

2. The lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by the 10th lord from the Ascendant, Moon and Sun

The Navamsa chart (D-9) basically indicates Dharma (capabilities and skills of the native) which manifest with the co-operation and association of life partner(s) (wife - D-9), business partners, co-workers, helpers, bosses etc. (seen in the D-10) for gainful profession. Some broad hints are given below to judge professional skills from the Navamsa chart.

(a) The lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord from the Ascendant, Moon and Sun indicate the professional inclinations, capabilities and skills of the native. The strength of this planet in the birth, Navamsa and Dasamsa charts indicate the specific direction of professional activity which leads to gainful employment.

(b) The planets placed in trine to the Navamsa Lagna and the Navamsa Lagna lord in the Navamsa chart indicate the skills which the native will strive to acquire to meet is professional obligations.

(c) The planets in trines to the Atmakarka in the Navamsa chart basically indicate the desire of the native to pursue a particular profession.

(d) The placement of the Atmakarka in the Navamsa chart is of prime importance.

(i) If the Atmakarka is in a trine to the Navamsa Lagna, it brings harmony and helps the native to pursue his skills in line with his desire. There is no inner conflict.

(ii) If the Atmakarka is in an angle (Kendra) to the Lagna, the native tries to bring harmony in his/her professional outlook.

(iii) If the Atmakarka is in an Upchaya bhava from the Lagna, it is an indication of prosperity through professional skills. In case the Atmakarka is a malefic planet (Mars, Saturn and Rahu) and placed in the 3rd and 6th houses in the Navamsa chart, it can give benefic results.

(iv) The Atmakarka placed in the 2nd house gives moderate results.

(v) If the Atmakarka is placed in the 8th or the 12th house from the Navamsa Lagna, it does not help the native in acquring skills on account of inner conflicts.

3. The placement of the lord of the 10th house from the Ascendant and the Moon in various houses

The 10th lord indicates the source of income according to its own significations (both natural and acquired), and of the Bhava and the sign in which it is placed. The effect of placement of the 10th lord in various bhavas is discussed in this article in brief for general guidance. The main guiding features are given below:

(a) The sign influences the planet in many ways. Firstly: on account of its ownership of other houses; secondly: on account of the planets placed in the signs and nakshatras of the 10th lord; thirdly: the 10th lord is influenced by the significations of the bhava and sign in which it is placed; fourthly: the dispositer of the 10th lord also significantly influences the final assessment of the source of income.

(b) The avastha of the 10th lord has a significant say on the nature of earning. Jatak Parijat in Chapter 2, Sloka 16, 17 and 18, has indicated 10 avasthas like Deepta, Pramudit etc. The main guiding principles are given below:

(i) 10th lord in its exaltation sign: The native will earn money and his livelihood according to the nature of the exalted planet. For example, Sun: with self-esteem, valour and dignified behaviour, royal or official favours; Moon: with a graceful and splendourous attitude; Mars: with courage, by eliminating competition, with a fighting spirit; Mercury: by self-learning, intelligence and business acqumen; Jupiter: on account of knowledge, wisdom and growth oriented behaviour, by creating a happy and comfortable atmosphere around the workplace; Saturn: by foresight and hard work.

(ii) 10th lord in Mooltrikona or its own sign: There will be perfect harmony between the significations of the bhava, sign and planet. The native will earn money by making full use of his own skills.

(iii) When the planet is in a friendly house: The native will earn money with the help of his friends. His livelihood will depend more on the significations of the sign and the house in which the planet is placed. The significations of the planet itself will play a secondary role.

(iv) When the planet is in an enemy’s house: The significations of the sign will again play an important role, but the native’s livelihood will depend on an enemy, with disputes and discord in professional life.

(v) When the 10th lord is in the sign of its debilitation: The significations of the planet will be the cause of the downfall of the native e.g. if Venus is in debility, the wife, a woman or the skills indicated by Venus will be the cause of losses in the profession.

Role of planets placed in the Ascendant, 2nd house and 11th house

Benefic or powerful planets placed in these houses help the native to earn money through professional acumen. Benefics in the 11th house and the Ascendant provide benefic Argala on the 10th house. The 2nd house represents finance and is the Poorva punya of the 10th house. This is the reason that Varaha Mihira has put added emphasis on the benefic and auspicious influence on these houses in the birth chart.

Consideration of various Lagnas as a reference point

Generally, all aspects of a nativity are judged with reference to three Lagnas, viz. the Ascendant, Moon Lagna and Sun Lagna. However, two other reference points should not be ignored. These are the Lagna Pada and the Paaka Lagna, which are direct reflections of the ascendant and as such play a very important role in analysing a nativity.

(1) Lagna (ascendant)

The Lagna is the most important and commonly used reference point in a nativity. This shows the true self of the native. In the first place it indicates the ability, knowledge, intention and persistence available to the native in any field of life. The Lagna indicates the potential and resolve available to the native which manifests or finds expression during the journey of life. The Lagna and particular houses counted from it signify the physical body and its different parts.

(2) Chandra Lagna (Moon Lagna)

The Moon is the significator of the mind. Houses counted from the Moon are useful in looking at things from the point of view of the native’s mind. The Moon Lagna indicates one’s inclinations, ambitions, happiness, views, liking for things around him and what he loves or is inclined to do. These are factors which generate initiative in the native to choose a particular career.

In case of the 10th house from the Lagna is under the influence of Saturn, the native may be hardworking and doing a routine job, but Mars in the 10th house from Moon will make him active and enterprising.

(3) Sun Lagna

The Sun Lagna indicates physical vitality. A strong 10th house from the Sun will give immense strength to fight against all odds inspite of a weak physical body, structure or environment.

As the Sun is the significator of the soul, the inspiration to perform comes from within inspite of the odds faced from within and without.

(4) Pada Lagna or Lagna Pada

This is popularly known as the Arudh Lagna. Parasara and Jaimini have named it the Pada Lagna or Lagna –Pada.

The importance of the Lagna Pada should not be underestimated. This is Maya, illusion, on account of which we are forced to perform certain activities. Whereas all the previous Lagnas are indicative of what a native possesses and how he acts or performs in this world, the Lagna Pada indicates how a native is perceived in the world. Thus, it shows the status of the native in the eyes of others.

A planet in the 10th house from Lagna may give some important development, such as change in profession ( e.g. Mercury may help in developing one’s own business). A planet in the 10th house from Chandra Lagna may indicate some important activity say administrative job to marketing activity. A planet in the 10th house from Lagna Pada may indicate some important development in one’s professional status.

(5) Paaka Lagna

Paaka Lagna is the sign where the Lagna Lord is placed. Similarly, every house has its Paaka Sthana. The importance of the Lagna Lord and its placement is well known to savants of astrology.

The Lagna Lord represents the physical self of the native. Thus a house counted from the Paaka Lagna throws light on matters related to the physical self i.e. how the native uses his potential at a given moment or opportunity.

For example, Saturn’s transit over Lagna may obstruct or hamper one’s activities, over Moon may create frustration, over Paaka Lagna may create a feeling of sickness or lack of physical vitality.

The houses from Paaka Lagna provide the physical resources required to perform actions. For example, the fifth house from Paaka Lagna will be indicative of memory, which alone helps the native to succeed in examinations. A planet in the 10th house from Paaka Lagna indicates the resources which the native will mobilise to fulfil his professional skills e.g. Jupiter will help to expand the skills with all the wisdom and maturity at the native’s command while Saturn will help the native to put in a lot of hard labour and give foresight to achieve his goal. /

As a matter of fact all these Lagnas are being used by savants, but I have tried to show their importance and use in Predictive Astrology.

Effects of lords of different houses placed in the 10th house:

1st lord : Endowed with paternal happiness, enjoys royal favour and fame among people, has self-earned income. This placement is very beneficial for Aries, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn Lagnas. The above good results will be strengthened because Lagna Pada will fall in the 4th house.

2nd lord : Respected, learned, may join father’s business or earn through service. Inspite of being libidinous and even after having more than one wife, he may be bereft of happiness from progeny. This unfavourable situation also arises as Dhan Pada goes to the 6th house.

3rd lord : All kinds of happiness, self-earned wealth, he is inclined to nurture wicked females, financial success if the sign is common. The above negative results are indicated as the lord of the 3rd house also carries with it the effect of the 3rd house Karaka, Mars, and Sahaj Pada falls in the 5th house.

4th lord : The lord of the 4th house is called Dharm Devta. If placed in the 10th house, the native is well looked after in childhood (with some initial difficulties, if the lord is a malefic), enjoys royal honours, is an alchemist, lucky, religious, respected and learned, will conquer his five senses. Subha Pada will fall in Lagna.

5th lord : Blessed with Rajyoga and various pleasures in life and will be very illustrious. Mantra Pada will fall in the 3rd house, which is 11th from the 5th house. A kind of Vipreet Rajyoga is thus formed. This combination gives a son who is famous and brings lustre to the family.

6th lord : Gifted speaker, happy in foreign lands, litigation in parental property. Shatru Pada will fall in the 2nd house, which is 11th from the 4th house. The lord of 6th is placed in the 11th from the 12th house and in the 7th from the 4th house. Such persons are not very helpful to their parents.

7th lord : The seventh house represents marriage and partners in sex and business, besides having Maraka qualities. If the 7th lord is placed in the 10th house, Dara Pada will also be placed in the 10th, carrying with it the influence of its Karaka, Venus. This placement is very important from the point of view of both marital relations and business as a profession. Marriage will help to promote profession. The native will have a beautiful wife who will promote his career and honour. The wife, however, will not remain under his control. If the 7th lord is a malefic, the spouse will be of a nagging character and will try to dominate the native. The native will be religious and be gifted with wealth and son.

8th lord : Impediments in profession and business, resorts to fair and foul means.

9th lord : King or equal to a king, will be a minister or an army chief, virtuous and dear to all. This placement can generate the highest order of Rajyoga.

10th lord : When the 10th lord is in the 10th house, the Karmapada will fall in the 7th house. The 10th lord will give powerful Argala to its Pada as well as to the 9th house. The native will be skillful in all jobs, will be valorous, truthful and devoted to his teachers and elders.

11th lord : In this case Labha pada will be in the 9th house, and will get Argala from the 11th lord itself. According to the Bhavat Bhavam principle, the 9th house also acts as Labha Sthana where Labha Pada is placed. This is a very auspicious situation for all types of gains, status as well as virtuous behaviour. Such natives will be honoured by the king, be virtuous, devoted to religious principles, truthful and will have control on his senses.

12th lord : This is not a good placement. Liability and disgrace with the possibility of prosecution or discredit from superiors or government, moderate paternal bliss, hard-working and undertaking journeys for his occupation, happiness from children is limited.

Similarly, the placement of the 10th lord in various houses is important. The indications in brief are given below. It should be remembered that the 10th lord, as a Karaka of profession (by virtue of being lord of the 10th house) also carries the effects of the fixed Karakas of the 10th house namely Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn, to its house of placement.

Effects of the 10th lord placed in different houses:

1st house : Scholarly, famous, poetic, wealth increases day by day, pursues independent business, sickness and misery in childhood, Rajyoga generally manifests after middle age. Karma Pada will also be in the ascendant and will give Argala to the 10th house. Thus a benefic placed here will be extremely helpful in profession.

2nd house : Fortunate, engages in family trade and business and develops it. Rises well in life and earns lot of money. If the 10th house is under malefic influence, the native suffers losses and may be responsible for winding-up his paternal business. As Karma Pada falls in the 6th house, a benefic influence will help to raise loans for business and give prosperity.

3rd house : The native earns money from professions requiring constant travel and short journeys or the execution of contracts on a time-bound basis. If the 10th lord is strong, the native may be a speaker, writer or celebrity, his brothers may be instrumental in advancing his career. As Karma Pada falls in the 8th house, this position nullifies the effects of Rajyoga (Karma Paaka Lagna and Karma Pada are placed in 6/8 position), if any is present in the nativity or at least delays its manifestation.

4th house : This is a lucky position The native engages in comfortable and easy professions, earns money through agriculture, property, vehicles and other such pursuits. As Karma Pada falls in the 7th house, a benefic placed in the 4th house nullifies any malefic influence in 10th house by providing Vipreet Argala. This is a good placement for trade, commerce and business, particularly in real estate.

5th house : The placement of most powerful Kendra lord in a trine generates a strong Rajyoga, provided the 10th lord is conjoined or influenced by benefics. This Yoga is found in the horoscopes of wise statesmen, scholars, professors, writers, actors etc. Karma Pada falls in the 12th house, and if this Pada is in an angle/trine to Lagna Pada, the native will wield a lot of authority and power and his fame will reach across all the five seas.

6th house : This may be a ticklish or dangerous placement, but it makes the native skillful. If the 10th lord and the 10th house are under benefic influence, the native holds a post of authority and will be held in high esteem. If the same are under malefic influence, the native serves under an inconsiderate boss, has professional and and monetary instability, is bereft of paternal bliss, troubled by enemies and lasting diseases. The influence of Saturn creates low paying jobs with not much prospects. Rahu can bring disgrace. This is an auspicious combination for doctors and criminal lawyers.

7th house : Thus gives a mature wife who assists the native in his career. This is an excellent combination for diplomats and for making profit through partnerships and joint ventures. A malefic influence makes the native debased and he indulges in every kind of vice for getting good results. A benefic influence is a must as Karma Pada falls in the ascendant.

8th house : Not an auspicious placement. The native avoids quarrels in his profession, is skillful, devoted to elders and has breaks in career. If fortified, this placement causes Rajyoga and the native may occupy high office for a short time. A malefic 10th lord may help in service, and a benefic may help in business related professions.

9th house : This is a very significant placement. When the 10th lord is in the 9th house, Karma Pada will fall in the 8th house, which is 11th to the 10th house. This makes the native a spiritual stalwart. He will be a beacon of light to spiritual seekers if Jupiter aspects the 10th lord. He will enjoy or have kingly status, be wealthy, have progenic happiness, do charitable deeds and sacrifices, follow a hereditary profession or that of a preacher, teacher or healer.

11th house : The native is endowed with happiness and sons, is virtuous, truthful and always delighted. He will have many friends. If the 11th house is under malefic influence, his friends will turn enemies and cause him every sort of hardship and worry.

12th house : The native will spend money in royal courts and work in far-off places. He will also have fear from enemies and will be worried inspite of being skillful. He will lack comforts and face many difficulties in life.

Note : Whenever the 10th lord falls in either the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native mostly gets trouble from the royal side. Similarly, if the 10th lord or planets placed in the 10th house, occupy the Navamsa of Rashis placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, the native’s profession is not stable and he suffers reverses.

Influence of other houses on profession

Fifth house : The 5th house is the 8th from the 10th, representing birth (beginning) and longevity (time of implementation of an action) of the 10th house. Thus, the 5th house rules the authority and power that one enjoys due to one’s skills and knowledge as well as Purva Punya. The timing of joining a new job is done from the 5th house.

Sixth and Seventh houses : The 6th house rules service and the 7th house rules business. If there are more planets in the sixth house, or it is otherwise stronger, service is indicated. A stronger 7th house gives a business enterprise. Similarly, the 6th lord promotes service while the 7th lord promotes business. The dasa period of 7th lord may bring instability in service. A debilitated malefic in the 7th house or malefics in the 8th house, will encourage service and damage business.

Eighth house : The 8th house, being the 11th from the 10th house, is the place of retirement or end of career. The 8th house, if beneficially disposed, can give huge loans to take up large enterprises and its Argala on the 7th and 10th houses can give a new boost to business. If ill-disposed, one’s business will run into endless debt and ruin.


The boss is seen from the 9th house while subordinates are seen from the 5th house. During the period of a malefic planet having Papa Argala on the 9th house, one is tormented by one’s boss, while benefics having Subha Argala shall give a very good and helpful boss. In a chart showing potential for employment, the concerned houses for self are the 1st, 6th and 10th. The 3rd house from these (the 3rd, 8th and 12th) can cause problems. The 8th house will show retirement, the 3rd house shows short leave, while the 12th house shows long leave.


The ascendant lord in the 9th house makes a person very independent and business is best advised in such charts or at least employment with a lot of scope for free enterprise. The 2nd house is the 8th from the 7th house and shall play a crucial role in starting any business. Similarly, the starting of any business is determined by the availability of finance. The quadrants to the 2nd house are the 5th, 8th and 11th houses, indicating the money that is put in by the partner (5th house is 11th from the house of partner i.e. 7th), loans from banks etc., and the self respectively.


I shall give one example. Let us take the case of the 10th house. The Upachaya Bhavas from the 10th house are the 12th, 3rd, 7th and 8th. A debilitated Saturn in the 12th house will give professional success in its Dashas, as the 12th house is 3rd from the 10th house. Similarly, a benefic placed in the 7th house will help in profession. A malefic in the 8th house though gives problems from the 6th. The native should remain in service rather than pursue his own business.

Important Principles for Judgement (This could be applied to any Bhava)

Principle I

The placement of the 10th lord will tend to carry the effects of the significators of the 10th house (Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter). Thus if the 10th lord is in the ascendant, due to the effect of Mercury the native will be fickle-minded; due to effect of Saturn the native will have ill-health in childhood; due to the effect of the Sun the native will try to pursue an independent profession; and due to the effect of Jupiter the native will have fame and prosperity, status and honour.

This is the reason that the Jataka Granthas can specify the effects of each planet in all Bhavas irrespective of their sign placement.

Principle II

The 10th lord shows the direction of Karma and the source of fortunes. If the 10th lord is in the 2nd house or associated with the lord of 2nd house, the family business may be the source of livelihood. If the 10th lord is weak or afflicted, the family business will be disrupted and cause misfortune to the native. Since the 2nd house rules food, finance etc., the 10th lord in 2nd house will indicate hotel industries, banking and financial institutions as places of professional opportunities. If the 10th lord is in the third house or associated with the third lord, the job may involve contact travelling and short journeys, especially if the venues are associated with the 10th lord or its trines. (The results of the different house placements of the 10th lord have been given in brief above.)

Principle III

Count the number of signs from the 10th house to the 10th lord and also vice-versa. If the 10th lord is in the 3rd house, it will be in the 6th from the 10th house and the latter will be in the 8th from its lord. This implies short-term (8th house), service (6th house), or contracts (3rd house) which can be executed over a short period (8th house).

If the 10th lord is placed in the 5th house, again this will be a 6/8 relationship which should be interpreted keeping in view the significations of the 5th house. It may show research, occult studies, gambling or speculation. From the 10th lord, the 10th house will be in an Upcahaya place showing growth and achievement. It should be borne in mind that natural benefics, like Jupiter or the Moon, if placed in the 8th from their sign, could cause damage to the same, while parivartan and other Yogas may modify the negative results.

Principle IV

The fourth principle is to consider the placement of the 10th house and the 10th lord from Paaka Lagna and Lagna Pada (Arudh). If the placement of the 10th house or the 10th lord is in the BADHAKSTHAN or a DUSTHANA from these two lagnas, the results are obstructions and destruction respectively. If the placement is in good houses, it may promote the career.

Principle V

Kalyana Verma, in Saraswati Sloka, 33.2, emphasises the importance of the placement of planets in the 10th house from the Moon sign and Hora Lagna.

The mind is the controller of all actions and activities. The planets in the 10th house from the Moon sign or the lord of the 10th house from Moon sign will give considerable information about the career and fortunes of the native. The 10th house from Hora Lagna should be considered in the same manner as the 10th house from Lagna is. For example, if Mars strongly influences the 10th house from the Moon by placement or lordship, the native may travel to distant places for his livelihood. If malefic planets are in the 10th house from the Moon, the native could be a remover of evils like a doctor, a priest or an astrologer, or, in the negative sense, one who will trouble and cheat others.

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