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Grouping of Planets

Grouping of Planets  

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Luminaries : Sun, Moon

Malefic Planets : Sun, Saturn, Mars, Waning Moon, (Rahu, Ketu, Afflicted Mercury)

Benefic Planets : Jupiter, Venus, Waxing Moon, Well associated Mercury (If waning Moon and Mercury are together, both become benefic)

Superior Planets : Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Inferior Planets : Mercury, Venus

Sex of Planets :

Sun, Mars, Jupiter : Males

Moon, Venus : Females

Mercury, Saturn : Neutrals

Caste of Planets :

Jupiter, Venus : Brahmins

Sun, Mars : Kshatriya

Mercury, Moon : Vaishya

Saturn : Shoodra

Qualities of planets:

Sun, Moon, Jupiter : Satwik

Venus, Mercury : Rajsik

Mars, Saturn : Tamasik

Directions of Planets :

Sun : East

Moon : North -West

Mars : South

Mercury : North

Jupiter : North-East

Venus : South- East

Saturn : West

Rahu/Ketu : South-West

Abodes of Planets :

Sun : Temple

Moon : Watery Place

Mars : Place of Fire

Mercury : Play ground

Jupiter : Treasure house

Venus : Bed Room

Saturn : Dirty Place

Seasons of Planets :

Venus : Vasant

Sun, Mars : Grishma Moon : Varsha Mercury : Sarad Jupiter : Hemanta Saturn : Sisir

Temperament of Planets :

Sun, Mars : Pitta or Bile Saturn : Vata or wind Jupiter, Moon, Venus : Kapha or phlegm Mercury : Mixture of all

Taste of Planets :

Sun : Pungent

Moon : Saline

Mars : Bitter

Mercury : Mixed

Jupiter : Sweet

Venus : Sour

Saturn : Astringent

Elements of Planets :

Mercury : Prithivi

Moon, Venus : Jala

Sun, Mars : Agni

Saturn : Vayu

Jupiter : Akash

Complexion of Planets :

Mars and Sun : Blood- red

Moon : Tawny

Mercury : Green

Jupiter : Tawny

Venus : Variegated

Saturn : Dark

Physical constituents of Planets :

Sun : Bones

Moon : Blood

Mars : Marrow

Mercury : Skin

Jupiter : Fat

Venus : Semen

Saturn : Muscles

Cabinet of Planets :

Sun and Moon : Royal couple

Mars : Commander-in-chief

Mercury : Prince

Jupiter and Venus : Ministers

Saturn : Servant

Senses of planets :

Sun and Mars : Vision

Moon, Venus : Taste

Mercury : Smell

Jupiter : Hearing

Saturn : Touch

Periods of Planets :

Sun : Six Months

Moon : 48 Minutes

Mars : A day (Consisting of day and Night)

Mercury : Two Months

Jupiter : One Month

Venus : A Fortnight

Saturn : A Year

Gems of Planets :

Sun : Ruby

Moon : Pearl

Mars : Coral

Mercury : Emerald

Jupiter : Yellow Sapphire or Topaz

Venus : Diamond

Saturn : Blue Sapphire

Rahu : Gomed

Ketu : Cat’s eye

Metals of Planets :

Mars & Sun : Copper

Moon and Venus : Silver

Mercury : Bell’s metal

Jupiter : Gold

Saturn : Iron

Rahu and Ketu : Lead

Robes of Planets :

Sun : Coarse

Moon : New

Mars : Burnt

Mercury : Water soaked

Jupiter : Of recent origin but not new

Venus : Durable

Saturn : Torn

Trees of Planets :

Sun : Tree with stout trunks

Moon : Milky trees(e.g. rubber yielding plants)

Mars : Bitter trees (Like lemon plants)

Mercury : Fruitless trees

Jupiter : Fruitful trees

Venus : Floral Plants

Saturn : Useless trees

Other Characteristics of Planets :

Average Daily motion of planets in zodiac :

Planetary Aspects

All Planets aspect 7th house from the position occupied by them. However Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, have special aspect besides 7th aspect. The planetary aspects are as under:-

Sun, Mercury, Venus - 7th

Mars - 4th, 7th, 8th,

Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu - 5th, 7th, 9th

Saturn - 3rd, 7th, 10th

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