Congratulation President Barack Obama

Congratulation President Barack Obama  

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We congratulate Mr. Barack Obama for his historic victory in US presidential election which is the greatest news of the weak and it was already predicted by our Future Samachar magazine in its latest edition.

Here is an Analysis of Barack Obama’s Horoscope-

“Astrological analysis reveals that Barack Hussain Obama only shall be the 44th president of USA.”- Future Samachar (November Edition)

The placement of lagna lord Venus in 9th house indicates that he is intelligent, popular and is having purity of mind, thought and action. This placement of lagna lord in the 9th house represents luck and promises that one could be the head of state if other planets contribute the same way as lagna lord has projected in the chart.

In his chart 2nd house lord is placed in 11th house which is considered a powerful Laxmi yoga and is getting strengthened because of placement of Rahu along with it in 11th house. Eleventh house indicates huge gains and fulfillment of long cherished desires. This house also indicates friends and well wishers across the globe. This type of planetary position makes the native extremely lucky in politics.

The lord of 3rd house makes one highly influential especially if lagna lord and Mars are strong. In his chart Mars is in Leo in 11th house. Venus is powerfully placed in house of destiny and lord of 3rd house retrograde Jupiter is forming Neechbhang Rajyoga. He is highly knowledgeable, eloquent, bold speaker, clever, advocate, learned in law, professor of law, a good writer and also editor. He is highly influential from the very beginning and is popularly known as BOLD OBAMA because his house of influence is ruled by powerful and retrograde Jupiter occupying Kendra in conjunction with Yogakaraka Saturn. Saturn is forming Shash yoga which makes him highly sensible and balanced person also.

The presence of Buddhaditya Yoga in 10th house makes a horoscope extremely powerful for achieving outstandingly great success in politics if the other factors in that chart are also positive. The placement of lagna lord in house of destiny and that of destiny lord in 10th house is a powerful rajyoga according to Parashar especially when the concentration of important planets is on 9th, 10th and 11th houses and that too is happening in his chart. There are several powerful rajyogas in his horoscope like- Neechabhanga Rajyoga, Vipareet Rajyoga, Mahalaxmi Yoga, Parashareey Rajyoga, Ubhaychari Rajyoga, Sunafa Yoga, Prasiddhi Yoga and Buddhaditya Yoga.

Yashkaran Sharma

Future Point

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