Colours of numbers and notes of music

Colours of numbers and notes of music  

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All the seven colours of a rainbow are there in numbers. Likewise, there are seven notes of music. A table in this regard is given hereunder mentioning there in the number representing them.

Number Note of music English Colour Lord

6 Sa A Blue Venus

3 Re B Violet Jupiter

1 or 4 Ga C Orange Sun or Rahu

8 Ma D light blue Saturn

5 Pa E Yellow Mercury

2 or 7 Dha F Green Moon or Ketu

9 Ni G Red Mars

Venus governs music, arts, literature and sentiments and emotions. So, the first note of music 'Sa' and colour blue were entrusted to it. The blue colour of it acts like a medicine. Colour blue and note 'Sa' represent peace. They keep the nervous system in order and pacify anxiety and anger. 'Sa' is used in every instrument of music to keep its rhythm proper.

Jupiter is a planet of optimism. It represents vastness. The more the number of disciples the more expanded will be the Ashram of a Guru. Violet colour is powerful and represents optimism. It is used as a guide as the second note of music 'Re' is used.

The Sun governs life. Everybody likes its golden rays. Its rays look golden during morning. The third note of music 'Ga' renders power and strength.

Reddish blue is the colour of Saturn. Saturn represents gloom. Gloom grows in the mind of a philosopher while he is in deep meditation. This gloom represents reddish blue. Diligence is its chief element. It possesses the depth of a sea i.e. it is as deep as a sea. It is closely related to the fifth note of music, which signifies gloom.

Mercury is said to be associated with yellow colour. This is the most glowing colour. Mercury symbolises dynamism, wisdom and conscience and eloquence in speech. We can see a thing properly while it is in light. Mercury is the most lustrous planet. So, it always keeps everybod awakened i.e. it keeps the mind concious. The fifth note of music has also the capacity to keep everybody awakened like a baby does by making a sound of Pa------Pa-------Pa.

Moon is associated with green colour. You might have observed that a silver coin catches green stains. In a pond, the water contains green moss. The rays of Moon make the earth green that makes us happy. The sixth note of music 'Dha' represents metal and the Moon governs all the chemicals.

Red is the colour of Mars. It represents struggle, injuries, blood, wounds, death, murder etc. It also represents sharp, pointed and shining things. All these things creat pricking sensations in eyes. Likewise, red colour symbolises fear, which is the symbol of Mars. The last note of music 'Ni' shows the intensity of the same.

A table in this connection is drawn below containing there in the friends and enemies of the numbers. The table will prove to be very useful.

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