confusion, loss in business etc. are possible. The person might be suspicious and unsteady.

North east : The person may have aversion from worship of gods. He may not have faith in deities, Gurus and Brahmins. Decrease in income and wealth and delay in marriage and child-birth are possible. He may suffer from epilepsy, problem in stomach and ears, arthritis, constipation, insomnia etc.

Experimental faults

At times it has been seen that a person has to face agony despite the construction of his house being according to the principles of Vastu. The reason behind it is that he/she does not live in the house properly. He may have been sleeping keeping his head-rest in wrong direction, facing a wrong direction while working, working in a room that is not suitable for what he is doing, keeping his household goods in a particular direction related to the planets inimical to him, keeping his wealth in wrong direction and worshipping gods in a wrong direction. On many occasions it has been noted that the outcomes of these experimental faults have been unfavourable.

Experimental faults and affliction

  1. 1. To sleep keeping the bed-rest in west - Causes bad dreams.
  2. 2. To sleep keeping the bed-rest in north - Causes disorder of wind in the system, suspicious, loss of wealth, deadly affliction.
  3. 3. Facing south while cooking - Dishonour, several hazards.
  4. 4. Couple sleeping in North east - Causes dreaded diseases.
  5. 5. Kitchen in North east - Loss of prosperity.
  6. 6. Keeping wealth in South east - Causes loss of wealth and epidemic.
  7. 7. Cupboard in North east - Causes destitution.
  8. 8. Pictures of mountains in east, north and North east - Loss of wealth.
  9. 9. Plants of Tulsi in North east - Causes disease to wife.
  10. 10. Window or Door behind while sitting - Deception and dispute.
  1. 11. Garbage and mount of stone and soil in east - Loss of wealth and child.
  2. 12. Burning fire in west - cause piles and ailment caused by disorder of bile.
  3. 13. Heap of dung in north - Loss of wealth.
  4. 14. Junk of scrapped iron in south - Causes fear of fire and disease.
  5. 15. Garbage in North east - Aversion from spiritual exercises, loss of character.
  6. 16. Wall of Kitchen broken in South east - Affliction to wife, life full of struggle.
  7. 17. Lighting fire in South West - Causes dispute and ailment caused by disorder of wind in the system.
  8. 18. Bed room in North West - Causes cough and cold, financial crisis, debt.
  9. 19. Idols bigger than the hands of the owner in his Pooja Ghar - Affliction to the children.
  10. 20. Facing west while taking meal - Causes diseases.
  11. 21. Clocks not in order - Hurdles in progress.
  12. 22. Study room in North West - Aversion from study, hurdles in study.
  13. 23. Hosting guests in South West - Disturbances caused by guests, overstaying guests, enhancement in expense.
  14. 24. The servant's seat in North West - Frequent changes of servants.
Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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