Faults related to Directions

In this part, we shall study the faults related to slope of the plot, its shape and directions.

Faults and affliction related to the slope

  1. 1. Higher in east and lower in west - Destruction of the lineage.
  2. 2. Higher in north and lower in south - causes illness.
  3. 3. Higher in north eastern corner and lower in South west- causes affliction.
  4. 4. Higher in North west and lower in South east causes loss of wealth and fear of fire.
  5. 5. Higher in north, South east, North east and North west and lower in South west - causes loss of wealth, fear of diseases.
  6. 6. Higher in North east, lower in North west and South east - Inauspicious and painful.
  7. 7. Higher in South east and North east and lower in west- causes losses of wealth, happiness and peace.
  8. 8. Higher in all directions and lower in Brahmasthan- Causes fear of enemy, disease, utter destruction and affliction to daughter.

Faults and affliction related to shape

  1. 1. Triangular plot - Litigation, fear from state and mental agony.
  2. 2. Oval plot- Causes tension and loss. (Suitable for spiritual exercises).
  3. 3. Lion faced plot- In home Vastu, causes loss but proves to be auspicious in commercial Vastu.
  4. 4. Cow- faced plot- Auspicious in home Vastu and inauspicious in commercial Vastu.
  5. 5. Semi-circular plot- Inauspicious, causes destitution and fear.
  6. 6. Plot in the shape of a drum - affliction like that of a widower.
  7. 7. Plot in the shape of a Damaru - Causes loss and eye problem.
  8. 8. Plot in the shape of a rod- Causes weakness and loss of animals.
  1. 9. Plot in the shape of a fan- Loss of property.
  2. 10. Extension of South west, North-west and South east- Causes distress.
  3. 11. Multi direction at directional plot- Causes affliction, diseases and loss of wealth.
  4. 12. Arch - type plot - Causes fear of theft; gives stupid and wicked son.
  5. 13. A pitcher-shaped plot- causes epilepsy.
  6. 14. Pentagonal plot- Causes death and affliction.
  7. 15. Heptagonal plot - Inauspicious.

Faults and affliction related to directions

East : Relation of a person with his father will not be cordial if there is some fault in the eastern part of his plot. He has to face problems caused by government and in government job. He also has to suffer from headache, eye problems, heart-disease, skin-disease, bone-problem, jaundice, fever, tuberculosis, mental weakness etc.

South East : Hurdles in married life, failure in love affairs, distress caused due to vehicle, aversion from make-up, importance, hernia, diabetes, disease in sperm and urinary and disease in womb.

South :Excess aggression, strained relation with brothers, accidents, blood impurities, leprosy, skin eruptions, high blood-pressures, small pox, piles and plague are possible.

South West : Trouble caused by maternal and paternal grand fathers. The native happens to be egoist. He suffers from skin disease, leprosy, mental disease, fear of evil spirits, contageous diseases, defect in blood, pain, small pox and cholera.

West : Affliction caused by servants, hurdles in job, disorder caused by the excess of wind in the system, paralysis, problem in back bone, fear of evil spirits, cancer, leprosy, epilepsy, impotence and problem in feet are possible.

North West : Strained relations with mother, mental problems, insomnia, asthma, trouble in respiration, cough and cold, urinary trouble, menstrual disease in case of women, stones in gall bladder and pneumonia are possible.

North :Loss of wealth, hurdles in getting education, trouble in speech, strained relations with maternal uncle, loss of memory, epilepsy, trouble in throat, trouble in nose, frenzy,

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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