Merits, property, nature and demerits of the planets


This is a masculine planet, red in colour and of bilious temperament besides being the lord of the east. It represents soul, nature, state and Devalaya. It is a Pitri Karak planet. If there is some fault in east, or if the Sun in the horoscope of a native is afflicted, his relation with his father happens to be sour. He may have to face problems caused by the government and disturbance if he is in government job. He may suffer from head - ache, eye-problem, heart-disease, skin-disease, bone-disease, jaundice, fever, tuberculosis and weakness in brain.


This is a feminine planet, white in colour, watery and the lord of North West direction. It symbolizes mother, mind, mental disposition, physical and mental health and wealth. Relation of a native with that of his mother remains strained if there is some fault in North West direction or if Moon is afflicted in his horoscope. The native may have to suffer from mental agonies, insomnia, asthma, obstruction in respiration, cough, cold, urinary trouble, menstrual disease, stone in gall bladder and pneumonia etc.


This planet is masculine, red colour, and lord of south direction. It bears Fiery elements and is bilious in nature. It is the lord of patience and valour and the significator of brother, blood and strength. Relation of a person with that of his brother remains strained if there is some fault in south direction or if Mars is afflicted in his horoscope. He may have much strokes of anger and may meet some accident. Besides, he may suffer from disease in blood, leprosy, eruptions on body, high blood pressure, piles, small-pox, plague etc.


This is an important planet in black colour. It is the lord of north. It bears earthy elements in it. It is the lord of astrology, medication, craft, law and trade. If there is some fault in north or if Mercury is afflicted in the horoscope of a native, it will cause hurdles in

education and knowledge. He may suffer from disorder in speech, loss of memory, epilepsy, problem in throat and nose, lunacy, confusion, loss in trade etc. He may be suspicious in nature and unsteady in thought. Relation of this type of a person with his maternal uncle remains strained.


This is masculine in nature yellow colour and the lord of north - eastern corner. It bears celestial element. By it, transcendental and spiritual aspects are considered specially.

If there is some faults in the north eastern corner of the building of a person, he remains disenchanted from religious rites. He does not have devotion in him for teachers, deities and Brahmins. He may suffer loss in income and accumulated wealth. Delay in marriage and birth of child are possible. He may suffer from fits, disorder in stomach, disease in ears, gout, constipation, insomnia etc.


This is a feminine planet. It is the lord of black and white colours and South East direction. It is adept having watery element. This is the significator of literature, music, dress and ornaments, vehicle, wife, sexual desires and worldly pleasure.

A person may be deprived of bliss of wife and unsuccessful in love affairs if there is some fault in the South East direction of his building. He might suffer from distress caused due to vehicle. He may have aversion from adornment. He may suffer from impotence, hernia, diabetes and diseases in semen and urinary. In case of a woman, she may suffer from diseases in womb.


This is an impotent planet. It is the lord of black colour and West. It bears airy element. By it, age, strength, firmness, hardships, honour and servants are considered. The planet causes distress and agony first and then makes a person clean hearted and virtuous. A native may have to face agony caused by servants and hurdles in job if there is some fault in the west direction of his building and if Saturn is afflicted in his horoscope. He may suffer from ailment caused by disorder of the wind within the system, from paralysis, disorder in backbone, fear of evil spirits, from small pox, cancer,

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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