“Sun Flower”


This tree of yellow flowers is pleasing to see. Its golden colour is very much charming. It can be planted in north – eastern corner of the house. Its flowers get blossomed after the Sun rises and revolve the way the Sun revolves. This is why it is called Sun flower. The oil extracted from it is very much nutritive.

“Basil Plant” ("Tulasi")


A basil plant known as Tulasi in Hindi, planted in the courtyard of a house is considered to be auspicious. The Hindus worship this plant with full devotion. Lord Vishnu becomes propitiated if this plant is worshipped. Basil is bitter in taste. It saves the mankind from cough. The leaves of basil and its extract are very much useful.



Rose plants are planted in gardens. Roses are found in three colours white, black and red. Its leaves are green and it bears thorns on its branches. It causes fear of enemy if it is planted in the courtyard of the house, so it should be planted in garden outside the house. Gulukand is prepared from its leaves. (According to some people, it can be planted also in the courtyard of the house).



Plant of marigold is small in size. Its leaves are long and thin at their end. Its flower is found in red, yellow and white colours. Its small plants can be planted to the north or east of the house.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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