“Banyan tree”


It is a large tree having a very thick trunk and branches spread all over. A banyan tree planted in the east of the house is considered to be auspicious. It helps the owner of the house get his desires fulfilled. If planted in south east, it causes agony and death. In west, it causes agony from the state, death of the wife and even destruction of lineage or family of the house. Its bark, milk, fibrous roots and new and tender leaves are used in the treatment of different diseases in Ayurveda.



The tree of a Gular fig is of middle height. It has a thick, long and somewhat curbed trunk. Its branches are straight that grow upwards. It is said to be auspicious if it is planted in the south of the house. It can cause eye disease if planted in North.



Pomegranate trees are very small. Pomegranate is a tasty and nutritive fruit. Full of vitamins, this fruit is very much useful in heart disease, chronic diarrhoea. It makes a man strong and virile. A tree of pomegranate in south east is considered to be auspicious. A wild tree of the fruit should not be planted in the vicinity.



Jambol trees are planted at roadside and in gardens. Its black and sweet fruits are very tasty and useful. If planted between the south and south west, the Jambo trees are considered to be auspicious.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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