Ashta Disha Grih Vastu

  1. 45. Tenants or guests should not be given place in the South West of the building.
  2. 46. Head rest should be in east or south while sleeping. (Now here is some difference–one should keep one’s head-rest towards east while sleeping in one’s own house, while at in-laws' one should keep head-rest towards south and towards west while in an alien land but north is strictly prohibited for one’s head-rest.)
  3. 47. One should sit facing north in the day while one goes for excretion of faeces, whereas in night one should sit facing South.
  4. 48. There should be no large statue in Pooja room. Two Shivlings, three Ganeshas, two Shankhas, two idols of the Sun, three idols of Devi, two Gomati Chakra and two Shaligrams should not be kept.
  5. 49. One should take one’s meals facing always towards east or north.
  6. 50. Pooja room, toilets and kitchen should not be built under the staircase.
  7. 51. Safe in the house should face north.

6 Shloki Sampurna Griha Vastu

Eishanyam Devatagriham Purvasyam Snanamandiram.
Agneyam Pak Sadanam Bhandaram Grihamuttare. 1.

Agneyapurvayormadhye Dadhimanthan-Mandiram.
Agnipreteshayormadhye Ajyageham Prashasyate. 2.

Chamyanairrityayormadhye Purishatyagamandiram.
Nairrityambupayormadhye Vidyabhyasasya Mandiram. 3.

Paschimanilayormadhye Rodanartham Griham Smritam.
Vayavyottarayormadhye Ratigeham Prashasyate. 4.

Uttareshanayormadhye Aushadhartham Tu Karayet.
Nairrityam Sutikageham Nripanam Bhutimichchhata. 5.

Asannaprasve Masi Kuryachchaiva Visheshatah.
Tadvat Prasavakale Syaditi Shastreshu Nischayah. 6.

The Shlokas mean:

The building should be made in the following manner:

Dwelling for deites should be in the north-eastern corner, Bath room to the east, kitchen in the Agnikona, Store to the north, room for churning milk and curd should be between Agnikona and east, room for ghee between Agnikona and south, toilet between south and South west, study between south west corner and west, Rodan Grih between west and Vayavya and room for cohabitation should be between Vayavya and north, room for placing medicines between north and north-eastern portion and lastly delivery room should be in south west. This room should be built in the month expected for the delivery of the baby. All this is mentioned in the scriptures.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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