Gravitational force

The earth has a power of gravitation, which is called gravitational force. The force with which the earth pulls things from sky, is called gravitational force. It pulls heavy things more quickly than from the light. The lighter things take much time in landing on the earth. Keeping this particular gravitational force of the earth in mind, it is determined as to how far a certain plot of land will prove to be suitable for the construction of a particular building. A building on a hard and rigid plot of land will have much stability. On the contrary, buildings on plots of land not so hard, or is sandy can not have much stability.

Magnetic force

The whole universe, the planets, the Nakshatras and the stars in it do possess magnetic waves. This is these magnetic waves that keep them dynamic in the universe. A magnet has two poles–North and South. Similarly, the earth has also two poles. The power of attraction and detraction of magnet keeps the universe dynamic. Our physical constitution is also influenced by these magnetic waves. Our head is considered to be the north pole whereas our feet is considered to be the south. On this scientific basis, a man is advised to sleep having his headrest in South, so that there might not be any hurdle in the flow of magnetic waves.

Solar energy

The Sun is the main source from which the earth gets energy. It gives us light and energy and thus makes our life dynamic. Sun beams always keep falling on some parts or the other of the earth. The rays have been divided into three categories the rays of the morning Sun are called Ultraviolet rays, of the Sun in noon direct rays and that of the Sun in the evening are called Infra-red rays. The rays of the Sun in morning have less heat. We get Vitamin D from the rays in the morning. These ultraviolet rays also kill the viruses prevailing in the atmosphere. The more the rays become red the more they become harsh (intolerable). Due to this scientific phenomenon it is advised to keep the east direction more open so that the rays in the morning can keep the atmosphere free from viruses and give required energy and warmth to life. To keep ourselves safe from the effect of Infra-red rays of the Sun, one is advised to build less

windows in the western portion of one's building. Huge trees are also advised to be planted in the Western part of the house for the same purpose.

Five Elements of Vastu (Panchamahabhoot)

People living in a house will remain prosperous enjoying good physical and mental health if the house they live in has got the balanced ratio of the elements of fire, earth, air, water and sky. The physical constitution of a person becomes diseased in case of deficiency or excess of these five elements. Similarly, the environment of a house turns unbearable if the said elements in it are not in a balanced ratio.


A place of dwelling and existence of life can not even be imagined without the mother earth. The Earth is the centre of gravitational and magnetic powers. With these powers, the earth gives a firm and strong base to a building or a house on it. In Vastu Shastra , the plot of land is examined before the construction of the house is started. Besides, the quality, slope, shape and size of the land, the good and evil effects of the things found under the land while digging it and the approach and Vedha to the site are also considered.


There comes water after earth since water is the base of our life. Most of the towns and inhabitations in the world are situated on the bank of seas, rivers and lakes. There are many spiritual qualities of pure water. Excess of water causes flood whereas it causes draught if falls short. In Vastu Shastra taps, boring, well, underground reservoir of water, over head water tank, septic tank, sewage, drains, slope of the roof are considered well to ensure the availability of water.


The Sun is the main source of fire, the warmth, enfulgence and light of which keep the world dynamic. The days and nights occur due to the relativity of the Sun. The Sun keeps the seasons changing. It also keeps the atmosphere changing. In Vastu Shastra, the proper places for verandah, windows, doors, electric meter, fire-place in kitchen etc. are considered to keep the fiery elements balanced.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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