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I have tried to mention in this book some parts (excerpts) of the theories of Vastu Shastra rendered by Lord Vishwakarma, the psychic progeny of Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna thought of constructing a new city for the people dwelling in Mathura and asked Vishwakarma to construct such a city in which the people of Mathura and Braj could live happily. Lord Vishwakarma constructed a city named Dwarka, buildings of which were made of gold and jewels. He built deep wells, ponds, lakes and gardens. Apart from these, he built separate dwells for all the four casts, army, chariots, elephants and horses. Deity Varuna sent black horses to Dwarkapuri, Kuber sent high quality chariots and gems whereas Indra sent Sabha named Sudharma.

By the example cited above, I want to say that the construction of a building will be accomplished smoothly without any obstruction or hurdle if Lord Vishwakarma showers His benedictions. Worship of Vastu Purusha is also performed before starting construction of a canal, fort, city, house, building, reservoir of water and garden. Vastu Purusha was born in the Muhurta of Kulik, constellation of Krittika, Vyatipata Yoga, Vishti karan, mid Bhadra, on Saturday the third day (Tritiya) of Krishnapaksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Vastu Purusha is worshipped at the time of starting the construction of a building and house warming ceremony. The workman, who starts construction, is also worshipped as he is considered to be Lord Vishwakarma.

Vastu Shastra : Its importance and use

The nature has got a vast sphere of universal energies that run the world and its development and destruction all depend on them. In Vastu shastra, three forces or energies of the mother nature are considered apart from the Panchamahabhootas i.e. the five elements. These three forces are : 1. Gravitational force, 2. Magnetic force and 3. Solar energy.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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