Twenty one facet Rudraksha

Rudraksha: It is said to be the incarnation of Kuber. It enhances the sphere of wealth and gives all round prosperity.

(Rudrakshas from fifteen to twentyone facets are now rarely found.)

Gaurishankar Rudraksha

Two Rudrakshas joined naturally with each other are said to be the symbol of Shiva and Parvati. A man can never have want of money if he keeps it in his safe vault. A family enjoys prosperity where this Rudraksha is worshipped.

Ganesh Rudraksha

This Rudraksha is found occasionally among Panchamukhi Rudrakshas with a trunk on it. This particular Rudraksha is called Ganesh Rudraksha. This gives all round prosperity (Riddhi - Siddhi) Lady-luck keeps smiling on a man having this Rudraksha.

Auspicious Materials



A pitcher full of Gangajal with mango leaves, a coconut and a silver coin over it keeps the family prosperous if it is placed regularly in the Pooja Ghar.


All the evil effects are removed from the house of the native if this benediction mark of Swastik is cast at the main gate of the house. Both Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are propitiated by this mark. A 6" x 6" mark of Swastik of red vermilion is considered to be very auspicious.


These days Swastik of plastic and brass with pyramid on it are also in vogue. The mark is also cast where there is a Vastu fault. The colour red symbolises auspiciousness. The mark proves very much effective in removing the faults related to gate.

Remedies of Vastu

Remedies of Vastu

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to proritiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha.

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