Yantras of the Planets 3

There are many Yantras which are either dedicated to any planet or God. These yantras are worshipped to please a particular God or planet so that they could provide the worshipper with their blessings. There yantras are worhipped by chanting specific mantras dedicated to them.

Every of the planets and deities are worshipped with Yantras also. Yantras are prepared in such a way that power of the deities concerned is permeated in them. In this age of Kaliyug, everybody wants to achieve everything by Yantras so that he might earn more profit in less time. Yantras act something like an armour for the mankind. There is no importance of Yantras if they are not prepared and consecrated properly. Yantras are prepared on a sheet of paper or the bark of the tree birch or on a copper, gold or silver plate. Yantras give miraculous results if they are consecrated by an able person. Mantras are used in preparing and charging Yantras. Power of Yantras gets multiplied by Mantra. Accuracy of constellations, dates (Tithis) and combinations (Yogas) should be kept into consideration while preparing and charging Yantras. Now the question arises that as to which Yantra a native should worship? He should propitiate the fatal or obstructing planet posited in his horoscope by Yantra. The native might be saved from the malefic effect of a planet in its Vimshottori Dasha or Antardasha or Pratyantardasha if he worships the Yantra of the planet concerned by consecrating it. A consecrated Yantra is like a machine in order. So, it is advised to use it very carefully and only for one’s own welfare. One, who consecrates a Yantra, should have courage, patience, tolerance and wisdom in abundance.

Surya Yantra

This Yantra is worshipped to ward off the agonies caused by the Sun. In our country, it is in vogue to cast the Panchadashi Surya Yantra on safe vault on the day of Deepawali right from the ancient times. On it, digits from 1 to 9 are written in such a way that if added, they make 15 from every side. It has been mentioned in the scriptures as to which digit should be written where in Yantras of nine squares. According to Garga and other Rishis like him, one can be free from ailments if he worships these Yantras.

Surya Yantra

Chandra Yantra

Mangal Yantra

Budh Yantra

Brihaspati Yantra

Shukra Yantra

Shani Yantra

Rahu Yantra

Ketu Yantra

Navagrah Yantra

Remedies of Astrological Science

Remedies of Astrological Science

Very often it is asked as to what is the use of astrology? Can the malefic result of planets be glozed? According to me, a man starts from home with an umbrella if he knows that it will rain today. He cannot prevent the rain but he can save himself to some extent with the umbrella. Likewise, we try to lessen the malefic effect of the harmful planets by Tantra, Mantra, Yantras, gems, worship or Jap if we know by Astrology that the period ahead is not auspicious.

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