same to others as well. This fast too should commence on first Saturday of Shukla-Paksha and continue the same on coming 21 Saturdays.

Worship of Rahu

At the time of Samudra - manthan (churning of the ocean) even Rahu tasted some nectar along with other gods. He, too is being offered his share in Pooja from that time only. Worshipping Rahu on Saturdays bears auspicious fruit. With blue flower in folded hands Rahu is invoked - “O lord Almighty Rahu! Do appear and take your seat and free us from all our worries.” Now perform his Pooja as you did in care of Lord Ganesha and then chant mantras (of Rahu), beej-mantra, Rahu-Stotra, and Rahu-Kavach. Lastly, donate oil, gold, gomed, and black clothes as per your capacity.

Worship of Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are called shadowy planets. Planet Ketu is offered Pooja on Tuesday. Worshipping Rahu gives result as one gets in case of Saturday fast whereas Ketu bears fruit like a fast on Tuesday. Start worshipping Ketu with some flowers in folded hands by invoking him - “O headless, aggressive-looking God! We invoke you here. Please do take your seat and put an end to our miseries.” Now perform Pooja as you did in case of lord Ganesh and then chant mantras (of Ketu), Beej-mantra, Ketu-Stotra, and Ketu Kavach. Later on donate blanket, Kasturi (musk), sesame oil and gold according to your capacity.

After performing Pooja of all the planets, they are individually given a warm send off (Visarjan). We should apologise to them that if there was any mistake in course of Pooja, Awahan, chanting of mantras and Visarjan, they all should forgive us and finally put an end to all of our miseries. Make it a point to invite guidance of a qualified Brahmin to complete the affair.


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Remedies of Astrological Science

Remedies of Astrological Science

Very often it is asked as to what is the use of astrology? Can the malefic result of planets be glozed? According to me, a man starts from home with an umbrella if he knows that it will rain today. He cannot prevent the rain but he can save himself to some extent with the umbrella. Likewise, we try to lessen the malefic effect of the harmful planets by Tantra, Mantra, Yantras, gems, worship or Jap if we know by Astrology that the period ahead is not auspicious.

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