too should be worshipped along with Sun. Note that Sunday is the day of worship for Sun and fast in his name. But this fast i.e. Ravivariya Vrata should commence on first Sunday of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha and be continued on 12 Sundays or till the wish is fulfilled. The worshipper should have wheat bread (rotis) along with jaggery or sugar before sunset. He should not eat salt.

Worship of Moon

Moon is nearest to the Earth. It has a great impact on our body and psyche. To start worship of Moon, take some white flowers in your folded hands and meditate that "Kshir-saagar-born lord moon, along with Rohini come and accept my offering and bless me with well-being." Later on, perform worship according to that of Lord Ganesha. Chanting and reciting mantras of Moon, his beej-mantra, Soma - Gayatri and Chandra-Kavach stotras are must. On Mondays, one should keep fast after the worship. One should donate silver, pearl, white clothes, camphor, ghee, rice and a pot full of water. Monday fast should commence on first Monday of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha or Shravan month. Those who keep fast on four Mondays in the month of Shravana get benefits of 16 mondays’ fast. Monday fast is kept in three ways:

  1. 1. On each Monday
  2. 2. Somya Pradosha Vrata
  3. 3. 16 Monday-fasts

On this day one should listen to Katha after worship of Lord Shiva. Remember to take your meal once in course of day and night.

Worship of Mars

Mars is also known as Bhoomi-Putra i.e. son of the earth. Devotion towards Mars and latter’s worship, fast, etc. help us achieve conjugal bliss and a peaceful life. Worshipping Lord Hanuman too helps in pacifying Mars. To worship Mars, invoke him with red flowers in your folded hands and recite. "O Lord! Descend here and drive away all our miseries." After this, perform his worship as you did for lord Ganesh and then chant and recite mantras of Mars, beej-mantra, Bhoum-Gayatri and Mangal-Kavach. Keep fast on Tuesdays and donate red clothes, copper, lentils (pulse), coral and gold as per your capacity. Fast on Tuesday should be observed with one meal of wheat and jaggery products only. This fast should be kept at least 21 times. On Tuesdays Lord Hanuman should also be worshipped.

Worship of Mercury

Situated closest to the Sun, planet Budha leaves impact on individuality, learning, sense of humour, and voice of a person. Invoke planet Mercury with green flower in your folded hands and pray - “O Lord! Come and rid me off my miseries.” Now worship him as you worshipped Lord Ganesha. Recite mantras of Mercury and also perform

japa, Budha gayatri and Budha Kavach. Observe fast on Wednesdays and donate green-clothes, emerald, bronze-vessels, gold, etc. Fast on Wednesdays should start on first Wednesday of Shukla-Paksha of Jyestha. It must be carried on to at least 21 Wednesdays. Make sure you do have only one meal the whole day.

Worship of Jupiter

Jupiter is best known as the guru of the deities and a scholar of jurisprudence and Vedas. His worship should commence only on a Thursday of any Shukla Paksha. The girls desirous of marriage, whose marriage gets delayed or who face obstacles, must perform worship of lord Jupiter. To perform his worship one should keep yellow flowers in ones folded hands and then pray- "O lord Jupiter! Kindly take your seat here and accept our Pooja." Then, perform worship as you did in case of Ganesh. Then start reciting mantras (of Jupiter), beej-mantra, Brihaspati-gayatri, and Brihaspati-Stotra. At the end of worship donate yellow clothes, grams (pulse), topaz and gold. Observe fast on Thursdays. One should start this fast on first Thursday of Shukla-Paksha and do it at least 16 times or till wish gets fulfilled. Use yellow objects on this day. Banana tree is also worshipped on this day. On days of fast, meal must be without salt. Gram-based meal is advised.

Worship of Venus

Planet Venus is related to Shukracharya - guru of monsters. With white flowers in your folded hands, invoke lord Venus and pray - “O lord Venus! You are the scholar of all Shastras. Please do come, take a seat and relieve us off our troubles”. Now commence worship as you did for lord Ganesh and then start chanting mantras, beej-mantra, Shukra-Gayatri, Shukra-Stotra, and Shukra Kavach. Thereafter, donate white clothes, rice, ghee, incensed-objects and cow. Observe fast on Fridays. This fast too should start on first Friday of Shukla Paksha and should be observed on 21 coming Fridays. On this day put on white clothes; offer pudding (made of milk-sugar-rice) to the lord and have it yourself thereafter.

Worship of Saturn

Lord Saturn, son of Sun, is a big-eyed and over-sized god. Sadhesati of lord Saturn casts its impact on everyone’s life. Worshipping and fasting for him should be done on Saturdays. During his worship, take some blackish flower in your folded hands and then pray - “O lord Saturn! Do take a seat and rid us off our troubles”. Now perform the worship the way you did for lord Ganesha and keep on chanting mantras (of Saturn), beej mantra, Shani Gayatri and Shani Kavach etc. Thereafter, according to your capacity, donate black sesame, black clothes, horse bean (Urad), oil, and gold. Lord Saturn is worshipped on this fast and so donate the items mentioned above as they are his favourite. In the night take Khichari of black horse bean (Urad). Offer the

Remedies of Astrological Science

Remedies of Astrological Science

Very often it is asked as to what is the use of astrology? Can the malefic result of planets be glozed? According to me, a man starts from home with an umbrella if he knows that it will rain today. He cannot prevent the rain but he can save himself to some extent with the umbrella. Likewise, we try to lessen the malefic effect of the harmful planets by Tantra, Mantra, Yantras, gems, worship or Jap if we know by Astrology that the period ahead is not auspicious.

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