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Suffering is a part and parcel of life. Everyone has to suffer the brunt of negative karmas accumulated in past lives and manifested in present birth. However, Astrological remedies minimise the sufferings considerably.

Learned astrologers prescribe various remedies to curb evil effects of planets. Some advise to wear gems while others prescribe mantras. There are scholars who stress on Yantra-pooja or wearing Rudraksha. Some of them go for propitiating planets or for that matter tantrik remedies. There can obviously be differences among astrologers as to which remedy is the best and quickest for a particular native. I cite here one anecdote of such difference amongst Rishis.

King Parikshit got to know that his death is imminent on seventh day by snake-bite. So he estranged himself from his kingdom and wealth and straight away went to the holy Ganges. There he sought advice from various Rishis regarding ways to Moksha – eternal freedom from vicious cycle of life and death. One of the Rishis came with a prompt reply, – "O king ! Holy dips at holy places are very much fruitful. So you go for that." Another Rishi said – "You sit for a Yajna instead. It will wash away all your sins." The third one said, – "You better donate wealth to Brahmins as that’s the best kept religion." Then came the fourth Rishi who held, – "As worship and chanting (of mantras) for Gods washed away all your sins, so that is advisable." Thus all the Rishis, one after another, came with their views but none of them was thoroughly convincing. So lastly, king Parikshit, with his folded hands, spoke his mind, – "O learned sages, all of you came with great suggestions, but all of them are time consuming and my days are numbered on this planet. Therefore, I request you all to advise a remedy that can be accomplished within the stipulated time of seven days." While the discussions were going on, there came 15 year old Param Hans Shukdevji Maharaj – inspired by none other than great sage Narad. Every one present there, got up in his respect. They offered Shukdevji the highest seat. There only the latter’s grandfather Parashar ji announced, - "Shukdev ji is the most junior in age whereas,

he is at the top in knowledge. He will make you absolutely clear which deed is the most advisable to get rid of the vicious cycle of life and death. I am sure you will attain Moksha that way." Thus on request of Parikshit, said Shukdev ji – "O’ King! Those, whose days are numbered on this earth must listen to Krishna Kathas and memorise the same. That is the best way to cross over this ‘Bhavasagar’. So now I will recite “Shirmadbhagvat Mahapurana” for you. It is the greatest of all Puranas and which I have learnt from my father Shree Veda Vyas ji. I will read these Krishna Kathas for you in coming 7 days. You will have ‘Punya’ of listening to all Puranas by this one. Therefore, one should take it as the essence of all the Vedas. Merely listening to this Katha, one gets absorbed in worship of lord Krishna and gets across Bhavasagar easily.

I have cited this instance to prove that though all the remedies bear fruit, but the one adapted according to the situation is the best. However, I have left this for learned astrologers. At this unripe age, with not much experience I have tried to write this book. Hope the book finds your appreciation. As you all know, all the remedies can’t be in the scope of this book. So I have focussed on simple ones – for understanding of general mass. Besides, I solicit advice of learned scholars on my address.

Seeking Remedies: For Whom?

How to know the planet is inauspicious for a native? You can know this by analysing horoscope of a native. In case there is no horoscope. I take down certain simple rules to ascertain which planet has put the native in trouble. The ailments and worries caused by Navagrahas are listed below :


Strained relation with father, trouble from the government, problem in government job, headache, diseases of eyes, heart, skin, bones, jaundice, fever, tuberculosis, mental weakness, etc.


Strained relation with mother, mental tension, insomnia, asthma, respiratory problem, cough and cold, urinary troubles, menstrual problems, stones of gall bladder, pneumonia, etc.


Excess aggression, troubled relation with brothers, accidents, blood impurities, leprosy, skin-eruptions, high blood pressure, piles, small pox, plague, etc.

Remedies of Astrological Science

Remedies of Astrological Science

Very often it is asked as to what is the use of astrology? Can the malefic result of planets be glozed? According to me, a man starts from home with an umbrella if he knows that it will rain today. He cannot prevent the rain but he can save himself to some extent with the umbrella. Likewise, we try to lessen the malefic effect of the harmful planets by Tantra, Mantra, Yantras, gems, worship or Jap if we know by Astrology that the period ahead is not auspicious.

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