Guna is west of the chosen meridian 82° 30'. The diff. of Long. is 5° 12'. The time correction @ 4 minutes per deg. will be equal to 5° 12' X 4 = 20 mts. 48 secs.

So, when it is 9.08 p.m. IST. it means [09hrs. 08 mts.] - [0 hr. 20 mts. 48 secs.]

=8 hrs. 47 mts. 12 secs. p.m. LMT at Guna or 20 hrs. 47 mts. 12 secs.

Note :If the locality is in the East of the chosen meridian 82° 30' E, then the time correction calculated @ 4 minutes per deg. for the difference of longitude of place of birth should be added to the IST in order to obtain LMT for the birth place.

Second Step


After having obtained the Local mean time it would be necessary to calculate the sidereal time of the location concerned. The local mean time of 8hr 47 mts 12 seconds (PM) at Guna on 12.9.35 has been calculated above with Lat 24°40'N & Long. 77°20'E.

The sidereal time for 0 hrs on 12.9.1900 as per the table given in the book is 23h23m22s. To this a year correction as given in Table II is to be taken. This for 1935 is -4m00s and correction for time interval i.e. 3m25s needs to added. Accordingly, the sidereal time will be :

    Hrs. Min. Sec.
Sidereal time for 0hrs on 12.9.2001 as given in Table 1 for 82°30' E for 2001   23 23 22
Time correction for the year 1935 as per (table II) -   4 00
    23 19 22
Correction to time Interval as given in Table IV +   3 25
    23 22 47
The correction for different East Longitude
@ 1 sec per 1½ degree difference i.e.
Standard long. of 82°30' - 77°18' =5° 12'
+ 0 0 3
    23 22 50
Add Local Mean Time + 20 47 12
Sidereal Time at birth   20 10 02

Third Step


Referring to the table of houses in the Lahiri Ephemeris, the position of the 10th cusp is given for each sidereal time. For the sidereal time the 10th cusp is given for 20h10m and 20h20m which is respectively 9s6°18' & 9s8°43'. For the interval of 10 mts there is 145 minutes difference. Thus for 2", there will be very slight correction which can be ignored. So the tenth cusp will be 9s6°18' .

From the table of Ascendants for the latitude 25° as given in Table the cusp is again given for 20hr 10' which is 0s18° 24'. The Ascendant would therefore be 0s18°24'.

If we add here 1° 2' for Ayanamsha Correction, the Ascendant will be 0s19° 26'.

Ascendant for Siderial time 20 hrs. 10mts. 0s 18° 24'
Correction for 2"     0'
Ayanamsha Correction for the year 1935   2'
Ascendant 0s 19° 26'

See Table 5 for Ayanamsha correction. For the year 1935, Ayanamsha correction is + 1° 2'.

Thus, 10th cusp = 9s6°18'+ 1° 2'.= 9s7°20'.

10th Cusp for Siderial time 20 hrs. 10mts. 9s 18'
Correction for 2"     0'
Ayanamsha Correction for the year 1935   2'
10th Cusp 9s 20'

The span between the 10-11th cusp, 11th-12th, 12th - Asc, Asc-1st, 1-2nd and 2nd-3rd cusp are given in Table. By adding 180° to the above cusps the 7th cusp from there on can be calculated.

However, as per computer calculation by Leo Star, the calculations are as follows :

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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