gem, pearl, trade, softness of speech, perfume to support others, effort in acquisition of wealth, miserliness or liberality, oratorial ability, gold, good silver, corn, cereals, close dependent, pearls, ruby, minerals, clothes.

Loss to younger brother and his changes, mother’s gains, profession and success of children, rank, position, long journey to maternal uncle, danger to partner, common disease of the native’s father, purchase of a house or land or vehicle by elder brother.

Third house

Mental inclination, ability, memory, intellect, inclination to study. Courage, firmness, valour, prowess and heroism. Younger brother or sister, cousins, kindred, casual acquaintance, neighbour, short travel, cycle, bus, tram, or railway. Correspondence letter, papers, writings, accounting, mathematics, communication, post offices, letter boxes, telephone, telegraph, teleprint, television, telecommunication, radio-reports, signal, airmail, mediator, messenger, publicity officer, reporter, editor, information officer, Journalist. Change of residence, restlessness, Library, bookstore, bargain, signature, signing contracts or agreements, rumours, carrying tales.

Hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bone, arms and nervous system.

Neighbouring countries, treaties, roadside, place, confusion of the mind, eating unspoiled or pure food, partition of property, female servant, edible roots and fruits.

Fourth house

Mother, one’s home, residence, domestic environments, grave, Private affairs, curious, secrets and secret life, vehicles, fields, pastures, cornfields, farms, orchards, mines, real estate, gardens, buildings, ancient dwellings, monuments and antiquities. Hereditary properties and treasures, School and college, Mines, gardens, public buildings, crops, agriculture, Learning, boats, oil bath, small well, water, milk, trust, false allegation, tent, pavilion, pond, mansion, art, entrance into a house, celestial food, where stolen property is kept, vedic and secret texts, herbs and caves.


Fifth house

Progeny, inclinations, pleasure; society, with tastes and fancies, artistic talents and gains, wife or business partner’s luck, recreation, entertainment, amusement, sports. Romance and similar interests, games, cinema opera, drama, music, dance, banquets, merriment and amusements. Cards, crossword puzzles, dice, horse, shares. Lottery, gambling or betting and stock exchange. Love affairs, courtship and licentiousness, kidnap, rape. Envoys, ambassadors, banquets. Good morals, mechanical art, discretion, discrimination between virtue and sin, chanting of vedic hymns, religious mindedness, profound learning and wisdom, enormous riches, festive occasion, intense satisfaction, liaisons with courtesans. Chanting of mantras and spiritual practice.

Sixth house

House of sickness’. Disease, nursing food, dietary habits, service exhaustion, employees, subordinates or servants, debt or borrowing, pet animals, small cattle, tenants, enmity, dress, and hygiene, sanitation, herbs, food and clothing. Favourable result in competition. Obstacle in any undertaking, maternal uncle, insanity, enmity, miserliness, intense anguish, incessant eye trouble, untimely meals, theft, calamity, prison house. Industries, sanitation and public health. Purchase or sale of conveyance, by younger brother or sister, short journeys of the mother, the bank position and profession of the first issue, and his family, loss to the partner, investment or purchases made by the partner, the secret enemies of the partner, separation from the partner. Occupation or business of the father. Danger to one’s elder brother.

Seventh house

House of the union or earthy ties’, legal bondage, partner in trade, those with whom the native transacts, litigation, duels. Mix up freely in society. Fines, divorces, legal bondage, contracts, break of journey. Influence in foreign countries, honour and reputation achieved there, danger to longevity. Recovery of lost property, describes the thief, international relationships, arbitrations, war and foreign affairs, international trade, public meetings, open warfare. Self-acquisition of the native’s servant, mother’s immovable property, vehicle, adopted child. Secret enemy’s danger, difficulties, death, associates and friends of father, partnership with his father’s friend.

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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