Mercury rules Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati. Mercury (R) is in the constellation of Jupiter and in the sub of retrograde Saturn.

Sun is conjoined with Ketu. Ketu rules Ashwini, Magha and Moola. Rahu, Mars and Jupiter are in the constellation of Ketu, Jupiter is in 6th sign and aspects both Mars and Rahu. Jupiter is also in sub of Rahu, a significator of death. Mars is represented by node Rahu. Ketu is also occupant of 7th bhava. Ketu is in the constellation of Mars (lord of 2) and in the sub of Venus (lord of 8), a strong significator of death. Finally take Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter.

If we analyse dasha system, the native is running Rahu Dasha, Mercury Bhukti. (Balance 1 year and 26 days).

Thus we come to the conclusion that during Rahu Dasha Ketu Bhukti, Rahu Antara, Jupiter Sookshma there would be danger to the native's life.

Query : will the delivery of my child be normal or not ?

The number given within 249 on 2.7.1969, 7.30 PM IST (18°55'N 72°50'E) at Bombay was 100. The ascendant at the time of query falls in 24.00 Leo in Venus constellation & Mercury sub. The chart is as follows:

Query (Prashna) Chart

  1. 1. The Lagna Bhava is occupied by Ketu & Jupiter
  2. 2. Owner of Lagna is posited in 10th
  3. 3. Mars aspects lord of Lagna by 8th aspect

The owner of Lagna in 10th is well deposited and therefore no danger to the lady. 8th Aspect of Mars on Sun, Lord of Lagna and Ketu in Lagna Bhava are not favourable. It indicates that the lady would undergo Ceaserian birth as Mars indicates surgery. However delivery will be fruitful and with no danger to the lady's life as Jupiter is in Lagna Bhava. It may also be noted that though Mars is retrograde it is Mercury in the constellation of Saturn which is in direct motion, thereby leading to use of surgical equipments but not for any control purpose.


Health is generally good if the sub-lord of the ascendant is deposited in the constellation of the planet occupying the house 1 or 11. But, if the sub-lord of the ascendant is deposited in the constellation of a planet which is the significator of 1 and 6, one will suffer from disease during its periods and sub-periods. If the sub-lord of the 6th house is deposited in the constellation of a planet which is the significator of the 6 and 1 and not of 11, then the sub-lord, during its sub-period, will give the disease.

If the sub-lord is deposited in a constellation, the lord of which is connected in any manner, with Saturn, the disease is a chronic one. Even, if the sub-lord is Saturn, the disease is a chronic one. But, if the sub-lord is in any manner connected with Mars, it is an acute disease. Mercury shows complications.

When will the patient be cured ?

Generally, one falls ill at the time when the conjoined period of the planets connected with the 6th and the first house in any manner operates; but, the cure comes only when the significator of the 5th or 11th house follows the period governed by the disease producing 6th house significator. One will survive from the disease after the cure, only when his longevity is promised, For longevity, one has to find out the Badhaka Sthana and Maraka Sthana. These will give a clear picture.

As regards the nature of the disease, I have already published what each sign, star and sub indicates and said what it would be. Therefore, you have to refer to it and then ascertain which part of the body will be affected.


Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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