with Ketu and Saturn is in the constellation of the 8th from 4th, Mercury is evil; Saturn is also evil.

Now Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Moon, etc. refer 4th house matters. It is the lord of the sub which indicates whether 4th house matter will thrive or not. Venus in 2 in the sub of lord of 2.

Mercury in the constellation of planet in 2 to 4, owner of 4 and in sub of evil in 4.

Saturn in the sub of Jupiter and Ketu in the sub of Jupiter, both occupying 4th house are evil. Hence he lost his mother during Venus Dasha, Mercury Bhukti, Saturn Antara on 27-4-47.

Venus in the fifth house, i.e., the second to the 4th house by occupation and it refers the fourth house being the owner of the 4th.

Hence Mars indicates about health and causes of death during the period of the planet in the star, if any, and which is in the sub of one referring the 4th or 5th or 10th (5th and 10th are Maraka houses to the 4th). Mercury is in Mars star and sub of Saturn who signifies the 4th.

Let us find out the date of the death of his mother. It was on 27.4.47 when Venus Dasha, (in the constellation of occupant of 4 and sub of the occupant of 10) Mercury Bhukti (constellation of planet in 2 to 4 and sub of planet in 4) and antara of Saturn which refers the 4th house to give life or cause death depending on the sub which Saturn occupied and it is in the sub of Mars and Shookshma of Rahu in 10 which is also in the constellation of Mars in 2 to 4 and sub of Mars.

Day of demise-Friday. Star Moola where Dashanatha was. (Jupiter rashi-Jupiter significator of 4 in Saturn star and sub of Venus in 2 to 4) at night which lagna was in poorvashadha 15° in Sagittarius.

Death of child

Happened during Moon Dasha Jupiter bhukti, Rahu Antara. Moon is in the constellation of Ketu and sub of Mercury. Ketu has to give the results of planet with which it is conjoined, as it is a node. Saturn is lord of 2 to 5 and situated in 12 to 5. Hence Moon

is definitely evil as it is in the constellation of the node representing the second house to the 5th and in the sub of lord of 7 to 5, situated in 2 to 5.

Jupiter is in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 2 in 12 to 5th house and sub of Venus, which is the occupant of 5 in the constellation of node in 12 to 5. Venus itself is evil to 5. Mars in Venus star and Venus sub is also evil. Rahu in Venus sign, Mars star and Mars sub is definitely evil. Hence, Moon Dasha Jupiter, Bhukti, Rahu Antara was evil.


Judge houses 2, 7 and 11 counted from lagna. 2, 7 and 11 are vacant. 2 is ruled by Sun. 11 is ruled by Mercury. 7 is owned by Saturn. Saturn and Ketu are in Mercury star. Jupiter is in Saturn’s star. Ketu is stronger than lord of 7. Moon and Venus are in Ketu star. Sun is also strong as there is no planet in Sun’s star.

Marriage took place during Venus Dasha Ketu Bhukti, Venus Antara, Moon Shookshma on 6-7-1947 on Shravana star day Venus is in Ketu star. Ketu is stronger than Saturn; lord of 7 (7th house vacant). Ketu is in the star of Mercury (lord of 1 and 11). Both houses vacant. Moon is in Ketu star. Ketu stronger than Saturn, lord of 7. Ketu has to predominantly indicate Saturn’s result then only that of Mars, Moon’s star is not in Mars sign. Hence, Shravana star governed by Moon in Saturn’s sign gave marriage.

Normally when one finds Saturn and Ketu in 4, 9 &11 house occupied by lord of 12, one following traditional Astrology must say that the native will have no tendency towards education. Also that he cannot come up nicely in studies. Not a word can be mentioned about marriage.

But according to Krishnamurty Paddhati, Saturn and Ketu in 4 are in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 11 and sub of Mars, owner of 4 and 9 shows higher education.

According to Prof. Krishnamurty, if the dashanatha is connected with houses 4 and 9, they will give education. Venus’, the constellation of node in 4, gave studies throughout Venus Dasha. Sun in the constellation of Moon in 9 gave higher studies. As Moon is also significator of 12, Sun in the constellation of Moon, gave the break and ended his studies. He discontinued his studies after successfully completing Medical College course during Sun Dasha Saturn Bhukti, Sun Antara in December, 1952.

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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