The degree of effects depends on the sub-lord of the Cusp : not only it should be the significator of the Bhava where the cusp falls but also it should be the significator of any of the houses of the matter concerned. Sri K.S.K. emphasised that judgement of each bhava-cusp is essential.

Prof. K.S.K. had advocated the house divisions under Placidus system in constructing a birth chart or Horary chart.

K.P. System emphasise that as the ascendant and the cusp of each house move faster than the planets, it is these that explain rapid changes due to the occupation of the star and sub. The ascendent can move in a sign for about two hours, but in a constellation, it can only be for about 53 minutes. As certain events can happen within 5 to 10 minutes, sub lord becomes important. It would be wise to draw out the sign lord, star lord and sub lord for all the cusps and the ascendent for better understanding of the horoscope.

Coming to the analytical part which is of supreme importance with such a large data base we could narrow it down to the following in the order or importance.

  1. 1. The planet in a constellation will offer the result of Bhava/house occupied by the lord of the constellation. Strongest results are obtained for a planet for the house occupied by the lord of its constellation.
  2. 2. The occupants of a house is strong to give the results of the house occupied by it. Planets in the constellation of the occupants of a Bhava will indicate the fruits of the Bhava.
  3. 3. Planet deposited in the constellation of the lord of the sign where the cusp of a house falls.
  4. 4. Then only the lord of the sign where the cusp of a house falls.

The above rule forms the basis for determining of a particular event. Only the conjoined planets of the above should be utilised for determining the end result.

Hence it may be concluded that the planet is the resource, constellation indicates nature of the result and the sub is a deciding factor whether the matter is favourable or not. Unless the last is favourable we do not call it a benefic.

Note: Rahu & Ketu are Nodes. A node signifies firstly the results of the planet or planets with which it is conjoined, then the results of lord of the constellation in which it is deposited, then the planet or planets aspecting it and lastly of the owner of the sign in which it is deposited.

House Significators

House Planets in the Const. of the Occupants Occupants of the Bhava Planets in the Const. of the Cusp sign lord Sign Lord of Cusp
I - - - Mars
II - - Venus, Sun Venus
III - Ketu - Mercury
IV - - Mercury Moon
V Venus, Sun, Rahu Sun, Venus Rahu Sun
VI - Mercury - Mercury
VII Moon, Jupiter, Ketu Jupiter, Mars Venus, Sun Venus
VIII - - - Mars
IX Saturn Rahu Moon, Jupiter, Ketu Jupiter
X - - Mars Saturn
XI Mercury, Mars Moon, Saturn Mars Saturn
XII - - Moon, Jupiter, Ketu Jupiter
Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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