Thus Ket- Ket =

800 x 7

= 46


i.e. 46' 40" in Ashwini

120 3

and for Venus sub in Ket =

800 x 20

= 133


= 2°13'20".

120 3

Thus Venus sub lord will extend from 46'40" to 3°00'00" in Aries.

Sub Lord Table

Sub Lord From DMS To DMS
Ketu 0°46'40"
Venus 0°46'40" 3°00'00"
Sun 3°0'0" 3°40'00"
Moon 3°40'0" 4°46'40"
5. Mars 4°46'40" 5°33'20"
Rahu 5°33'20" 7°33'20"
Jupiter 7°33'20" 9°20'00"
Saturn 9°20'00" 11°26'40"
Mercury 11°26'40" 13°20'00"

A table for ready reference is given at the end of the chapter from which the Rashi lord, star lord and sub lord could easily be ascertained. The position of planets, cuspal position of the various bhavas and their constellations and sub-Lords worked out as above for the horoscope cast in chapter-1 with respect to birth at 9.08 p.m. at Guna is given on next page.

Role of Planets, Rashi & Constellations:

Suppose (a) there is a light in the centre of a circular room provided with 12 glass panes of different colours (b) around the room there is a verandah and outside it, there are 27 glass panes of which the colour 1, 10 and 19 is the same; 2, 11 and 20 differ from 1, 10, 19 but these three are of the same colour; 3, 12 and 21; differ from others but these three of the same colour as they belong to one group. Similarly, all the 27 panes are of 9 different colours.

Position of the Planets and their Conditions

Planets S- D -M Constellation Const. Lord Sub Lord
Sun 04s25°58' P-phalguni Venus Ketu
Moon 10s23°11' P-bhadrapad Jupiter Saturn
Mars 07s04°26' Anuradha Saturn Saturn
Mercury 05s20°10' Hasta Moon Ketu
Jupiter 06s25°51' Vishakha Jupiter Ketu
Venus (R) 04s19°12' P-phalguni Venus Rahu
Saturn (R) 10s12°56' Shatbhisha Rahu Mercury
Rahu 08s27°22' Poorvashadha Sun Moon
Ketu 02s27°22' Punarvasu Jupiter Venus

Cuspal Positions of Twelve Bhavas

Bhava S- D -M Cusp Sign Lord Const. Lord Sub Lord
I 00s 19° 19' Mars Venus Rahu
II 01s 18° 17' Venus Moon Mercury
III 02s 12° 50' Mercury Rahu Mercury
IV 03s 7° 21' Moon Saturn Ketu
V 04s 5° 32' Sun Ketu Mars
VI 05s 10° 12' Mercury Moon Moon
VII 06s 19° 19' Venus Rahu Mars
VIII 07s 18° 17' Mars Mercury Mercury
IX 08s 12° 50' Jupiter Ketu Mercury
X 09s 7° 21' Saturn Sun Ketu
XI 10s 5° 32' Saturn Mars Sun
XII 11s 10° 12' Jupiter Saturn Venus

If a person walks outside the circular verandah looking at the light inside, he will find the colour of the light getting changed according to the colour of the coloured panes. Similarly, the results of the planets are modified by the lord of the sign and indicated

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnmurti Paddhti English

Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system (Paddhati) of astrological predictions conceived & created by The Great Indian Astrology King, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.

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