1. Q1. What is the importance of Karakamsa in Jaimini Analysis ?
  2. Q2. Which factors should be kept in mind while interpreting results of Karakamsa as given by Jaimini ?
  3. Q3. Karakamsa falling in which rashis has been praised by Jaimini ?
  4. Q4. If Saturn is in KL or in Kendras from it what kind of result can be expected ?
  5. Q5. Where Rahu and Ketu are concerned how should their results be judged ?

Results of The Rashi Dashas 11

We are aware that when Dasha of a planet operates, the natural tendencies of that planet, his nature-comes into the jatak. For example - If a man's Mars' Dasha is running, he becomes courageous, aggressive and full of drive. In the same manner, when the Dasha of a particular Rashi is in operation, the natural tendency of the Jatak becomes like that of the rashi.

The pictorial symbol of the Rashi gives an idea of the result. The Significations of the Rashi lord, the Tatva and the mobility of the Rashi should also be considered.

Dasha of Aries

  • Makes the person Impressive (Tejasvi), full of Vigour and he moves ahead in life.
  • He can get diseases produced by heat.

Dasha of Taurus

The Symbol of Taurus is a bull - representing a vehicle in today's world. There can be some incident related to a Vehicle. This can be purchase of a Vehicle or an accident involving one. Business can also take place. Diseases related to sex can also come up.

Dasha of Gemini

  • Social interaction grows.
  • Skin diseases can affect the person.

Dasha of Cancer

  • Sea Voyages, foreign travel and trade can take place.

Dasha of Leo

  • The person becomes impressive Tejasvi and isolated.
Jaimini System an Introduction

Jaimini System an Introduction

The knowledge that we have on Jaimini Astrology today is based on an ancient text known as Jaimini Sutras, which is divided into four chapters or Adhyayas, where this unique system of Hindu astrology has been explained in about 1000 sutras. In many cases the meaning of these sutras are very confusing and difficult to understand.

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