Results of Different Rashis in Karakamsa


  • The Jatak is affected favourably or unfavourably by cats and rats and other similar animals.
  • Whether the result will be favourable or unfavourable will depend upon the influences on the K.L.


The Jatak is affected favourably or unfavourably by quadrupeds (the four legged animals). This can mean farming, dairying, food and hotel line, vehicles, automobile industry or luxury fields (lord of Taurus is Venus). On the other hand a person may suffer on account of four legged animals.


The Jatak suffers on account of itches or skin ailments and corpulence. Or he may be a dermatologist or owner of slimming centres. He may be a singer or an intellectual.


The Jatak is influenced by water and he suffers due to Leprosy

Another sutra says that if Karakamsa falls in Cancer- the person is a trader.

He may be a sailor, fisherman, producer of mineral water, exporter, or a traveller.


The Jatak is affected by beasts. People with Karakamsa in Leo have also been noticed to have ups and downs in their lives, and falls from heights or from a high position, or have accidents. But it also implies that they will also attain a high position.


The results are like Gemini and the Jatak can suffer from itches and corpulence (weight) and he may suffer on account of fire or sparks of fire.

Or He may even be a doctor treating skin diseases (dermatologist).


The Jatak's fortune is created by trade.

The person can be a trader or a businessman. Today, it can also mean fields related to beauty, arts, television, films, vehicles etc.


The Jatak is affected by animals and reptiles who live in water and he is deprived of his mother's milk.

The person may be susceptible to poisoning and he may have been reared on animal milk or powder milk or by a foster mother.


The Jatak suffers on account of a fall from a horse or from a vehicle or from some height. (from a hilltop or rooftop).

Dhanu is a kodanda Rashi (punishment) when K.L is in this rashi the person suffers from a fall. The fall may be from a horse or from a conveyance or some high place like a tree or a hill or from stairs. The fall can also be from a high position in life.

So, to fall from a height the person will first reach that height and then fall from it. Hence Dhanu signifies a Risi and a fall.


The Jatak gets affected because of Aquatic (watery) creatures , Fierce of birds, planets, meteors and evil spirits. He may get large wounds or incurable cancers or glandular, expansions or skin ailments.

Capricorn is a rashi of change parivartan. There may be a lot of changes in the persons life. Whether they are for good or for bad, depends on the benefic or malefic associations of the K.L.

Jaimini System an Introduction

Jaimini System an Introduction

The knowledge that we have on Jaimini Astrology today is based on an ancient text known as Jaimini Sutras, which is divided into four chapters or Adhyayas, where this unique system of Hindu astrology has been explained in about 1000 sutras. In many cases the meaning of these sutras are very confusing and difficult to understand.

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