Jaimini System at a Glance 1

The structure of Jaimini has been briefly mentioned in the Introduction. Now I propose to deal with the subject in a systematic manner so that it becomes easy to learn and understand.

The Karakas

These are the special karakas governing the different portfolios of the Jatak's life.

The seven planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn become the Seven char karakas, of depending on their degrees in the descending order.

These are:


Note :

  1. 1. The degrees are considered between 0° to 30°. The signs are not counted.
  2. 2. Rahu, Ketu are not normally included in the Karakas.
Jaimini System an Introduction

Jaimini System an Introduction

The knowledge that we have on Jaimini Astrology today is based on an ancient text known as Jaimini Sutras, which is divided into four chapters or Adhyayas, where this unique system of Hindu astrology has been explained in about 1000 sutras. In many cases the meaning of these sutras are very confusing and difficult to understand.

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