Boy - Rakshasa

Girl - Deva

Not a good match. The boy is insensitive, harsh, cruel and quarrelsome. There is the possibility of the boy perpetrating cruelties on the girl. There is always fight between them like cats and dogs and disturbance in the family due to the husband. However, the girl tries to compromise at every stage to hold the relationship.

Girl - Manushya

Very bad match. Such a relationship is not long lasting and their difference of opinion and quarrel disturbs the life of every member in the family as well as the children. Solemnisation of such a marriage should be avoided.

Girl - Rakshasa

Very good match. Both are similar in nature, taste and liking. Though the nature of both the counterparts will be harsh, insensitive and cruel but they prove compatible and ideal for each other.


  1. Q1.How many types of Ganas are there? Name them.
  2. Q2.What is the Gana of Ardra Nakshatra?
  3. Q3.How many gunas will be allotted in the matching of Manushya Gana with Rakshash Gana?
  4. Q4.Under which circumstances the remedies of Gana dosh can be done?
  5. Q5.What will be the result of matching if the Groom is Dev and Bride is Manushya?

Bhakoota 10.

Bhakoota matching is the second most important component in match making because it has 7 points which is the second highest point. Bhakoota matching is done in order to identify whether the conjugal relation between the boy and the girl will be smooth or there will be frequent fights, tensions and differences of opinion. In Bhakoota matching the comparative study of the signs of the boy and the girl is done in order to ascertain the quantum of compatibility.

Bhakoota is considered as one of the vital points for marriage compatibility as seven points are allotted to it. Whether the Rashis of both boy and girl yield a benefic result or adverse for each other is defined and determined by Bhakoota. This is like 'Graha Maitri' where comparison of Rashi lords of the boy and the girl is done with a view to see whether they are friends, enemies or neutral. In Bhakoota Milaan, the Rashi of the boy is compared to that in the girl's horoscope with regard to its relative numerical position and vice-versa such as 2/12 - Two-Twelve (Dwidwadash), 6/8 - Six-Eight (Shadashtak), 5/9 - Five-Nine (Navpancham), and 3/11 - Three-Eleven (Tri-ekadash) etc. In Bhakoota Milaan, total points or gunas allotted are 7. In Bhakoota Milaan, if matching is favourable, total 7 points are allotted and if unfavourable, 0 point is given. In Bhakoota Milaan there is the possibility of either getting 7 points or no point. For the convenience of the students, Bhakoota Milaan Table is given below, it will enable to understand the allotment of the points in a better way :

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

Today “Horoscope matching” has become the indispensable part of Hindu marriage. But it has not been mentioned in any old Jataka scripture of Astrology. However, it has been described in the Muhurta scriptures of the same. In Ramayan, marriage of Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna has been described elaborately. But, in this great epic also Horoscope matching has not been mentioned. Likewise, in Mahabharata, too, it has not been cited. Therefore, it can be said that Horoscope matching in Astrology was not in practice a few centuries ago. But, the community accepted and made it an indispensable part keeping its usefulness in view.

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