Varna Koota 4.

Varna literally means caste. In astrological terms each individual belongs to a particular caste irrespective of his/her caste by birth. If someone is Brahmin by birth, in astrological terms he may be even a shoodra. Varna Koota has been alloted one point and one point is given in matching if the Varna of the boy is superior to the girl in caste hierarchy. If the varna of girl is superior to boy in match making then it is not considered good and given 0 point.

During the Vedic period Varna system came into being according to which the society was divided into four Varnas. Each Varna was assigned a specific and particular type of job to perform in the society to establish balance and order. The four Varnas were given different and unequal status depending upon the origin of birth from the different organs and body parts of lord Brahma, the creator. These four Varnas in decreasing status are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. It is conceived that from the mouth of lord Brahma, Brahmin was born, from shoulders the Kshatriya, from the thighs the Vaishyas and from the feet, the Shoodras. As the Brahminas were born from the mouth the highest part of the body so the Brahminas were given the highest status in society and were assigned the duty to impart education and perform religious rites. Second in the hierarchy were the Kshatriyas who had to protect the society holding their position as warriors and Kings. The third position held in hierarchy were the Vaishyas who had to provide all the essential commodities to the society and look after the agriculture. The Shoodras were given the lowest position in hierarchy and they had to serve the three other Varnas as slaves and servants. They had to work in agricultural fields and had to do other menial jobs.

In the same manner, in astrology also, all the twelve Rashis have been divided into four Varnas - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. Thus, 3 Rashis of Zodiac have been assigned to Brahmin Varna, 3 to Kshatriya Varna and so on. This is shown in the table given bellow:

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

Today “Horoscope matching” has become the indispensable part of Hindu marriage. But it has not been mentioned in any old Jataka scripture of Astrology. However, it has been described in the Muhurta scriptures of the same. In Ramayan, marriage of Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna has been described elaborately. But, in this great epic also Horoscope matching has not been mentioned. Likewise, in Mahabharata, too, it has not been cited. Therefore, it can be said that Horoscope matching in Astrology was not in practice a few centuries ago. But, the community accepted and made it an indispensable part keeping its usefulness in view.

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