1. Q1.Write all the components of Ashtakoota.
  2. Q2.How many gunas are there in Ashtakoota?
  3. Q3.What do you mean by Mangal or Kuja Dosha?
  4. Q4.What are the bases of Ashtakoota Matching?
  5. Q5.Why are Ashtakoota Matching essential?

Relevance of Match-Making 2.

Match-making enables a boy or a girl or their parents to find a suitable match according to the position of planets in their respective horoscopes. If there is compatability between the planetary dispositions, yogas and forth coming dashas then it is supposed that they will have conjugal bliss and they will spend their lives without any problem or obstacle. They will sail through the boat of family life smoothly and fulfil all their familial and social responsibilities.

The parents of a boy or a girl consult an astrologer and seek the advice regarding the selection of a suitable and appropriate partner for their son or daughter. The astrologer is considered as Daivagna and his advice is accepted without any reservation. So, the responsibility of the Astrologer is to judge the horoscopes of prospective girl and boy using his knowledge, experience, wisdom and intuition because on his verdict depends the future of the married life of the two. He must be well versed with astrology and quite adept in the art of match-making with the use of his vast knowledge of the principles and rules.

Match making is quite important taking into account the astrological phenomena to ensure peace, happiness, love, affection and prosperity out of marriage. One wrong judgement can destroy the family and life of both the girl and the boy.

Types of Marriage

During the Vedic period Eight types of marriage were in vogue :

Brahma Vivah

In this type of marriage, girl's father used to invite the boy alongwith his father and relatives to his house and the marriage was solemnised in their presence according to vedic rituals.

Arranged marriage in today's world falls in this category.

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

Today “Horoscope matching” has become the indispensable part of Hindu marriage. But it has not been mentioned in any old Jataka scripture of Astrology. However, it has been described in the Muhurta scriptures of the same. In Ramayan, marriage of Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna has been described elaborately. But, in this great epic also Horoscope matching has not been mentioned. Likewise, in Mahabharata, too, it has not been cited. Therefore, it can be said that Horoscope matching in Astrology was not in practice a few centuries ago. But, the community accepted and made it an indispensable part keeping its usefulness in view.

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