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Varahamihira and the author of Prashna Marga have enumerated the virtues and characteristics expected of an ideal astrologer. He should hail from a noble family, be good looking, wear a modest dress, should have strong and undeformed limbs, truthful, free from jealousy and be unbiased. He should be engaged in worship of Gods and should be thoroughly learned in mathematics (ganita), Jatak and Samhita of astrology.

The astrologer should answer only one query at a time. However if there are many and different type of queries, one should answer the first query from the lagna, 2nd from the Moon, 3rd from the Sun, 4th from the Jupiter, 5th from Mercury or Venus whoever is stronger and 6th from Mercury or Venus who is weak and 7th from Kendras and 2nd house which ever is vacant considering them as lagna. However one should answer the queries regarding one topic only of one person.

The Duties of Querist

To get the right answer from the astrologer the querist should observe certain principles in order to obtain maximum results. One should approach an astrologer with such a devotion similar to a devotee of God. Unless one is sincere, astrologer can not deliver the goods. One should never go empty handed and should certainly pay him his fees.

If one desires to have true results of his query he must pay fees even if he may be your friend as a token of respect to the astrologer and astrology.

Astrologer and Querist

Before giving answer to the query, the astrologer should ascertain whether the querist is sincere and genuine or has come only for the sake of fun. According to Prashna Tantra this can be ascertained on the strength of lagna.

Horary for Beginners

Horary for Beginners

This highly specialized astrological application is very ancient. It deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers. The basis of the horary chart is the time your question is put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected. Personal details, such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed and so, for those who do not have this information, horary provides a method of dealing with problems with difficult situations.

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