12° and rest is his own sign. He is combust at 17°. His friends are Sun, Moon and Jupiter, ememy is Mercury and neutrals are Venus and Saturn. His gem is red coloured coral and metals are copper and gold. He is hot, fiery, masculine, tamsik planet. He is malefic by nature.

He rules over bone marrow, muscular and fibrous tissue, external sex organs, anus, kidney, gall bladder, prostrate gland, sinus, ear, nose and taste. He is karaka of pitta.

Mercury : Mercury signifies intelligence, mental ability, adaptability and good memory, the mind is active but a little lacking in concentration and person is liable to have so many subjects in mind at a time. He is readily influenced by others. He has great taste for astronomy, astrology and physical science. He has skill in arts and manufacture. He is obliging, very courteous and enthusiastic. When he is favourable and joins Jupiter, he commands personal influence and high intellectual power. He represents learning without instructor, travellers, mathematicians, logician, advocate, dress maker, printer, publisher, orator, ambassador, clerk messengers, school libraries, assemblies. When he is afflicted and unfavourable he makes a native forgetful, sarcastic, disagreeable compassion, makes fun of others.

Jupiter : A hopeful, buoyant and cheerful disposition is given by this planet. This makes the person popular and gains of many friends. There is social esteem and success. All religious experiences are brought about by the vibration of Jupiter. Jupiter represents wisdom while Mercury indicates intellect. If these join together or occupy an angle, they make the person well educated and highly intelligent, excellent sight and speech, splendid moral and spiritual character, a generous forgiving nature, love for all which tends to help humanity. They are religious and God fearing. They try to stick to tradition. Jupiter indicates judges, advocates, professors, priests, ministers, administrators, bankers, revenue departmnets etc. He also indicates those working in palaces, gardens, law courts etc. Jupiter indicates those who deal with honey, oil, silk, clothing, horses and domestic birds.

When Jupiter is afflicted, it signifies extremists, liberal, lavish, extravagant, careless, disputes, gambling, vain, pomp and show, misjudgement, misfortune, poverty, law suits and unpopular.

Venus : Venus when strongly disposed, gives a very agreeable personality and mind. He is a rajasik planet. He governs all worldly concerns. He represents wife, passions, cupidity, enjoyment. He governs paintings, perfumes, scents, horses and carriages, conveyance, wives and his own moral character. He is planet of extremely good taste for clothings, furniture and decoration of home and a other worldly things and comforts. He likes dance, poetry, music, silken clothes, jewels, embroidery, enbracing, bed comforts, banquet halls.

When Venus is afflicted, the native is sensuous, gratifying his sexual urge without reference to morals or reputation. The vile women, low drinks, bestial pleasures, undignified company, gambling and disgraceful acts becomes part of the native.

Saturn : If the native is influenced by Saturn, he will be tall, slender built, lazy, darkish with rough hair all over his body, with ill set of teeth. Saturn also makes a person prematurely old and grey headed. The native is imaginative, cautious, silent, reserved, patient, perserving, studious, faithful.

When afflicted, the native is envious, jealous, untruthful, lazy, liar, discontended, dishonest. It represents all those who work in woods, unfrequented places, old churches, temples, dilapidated buildings, drains, sewage. He is chief significator of longevity. All scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious leaders, social reformers, writers.

Rahu : Almost all of the astrologers have described the Rahu and Ketu jointly. It is only Narayan Bhatt and Kali Das who have described the Rahu and Ketu separately. It is because their results are not independent. They give results according to the lord of the sign they occupy, according to the planets they conjoin or aspect.

Ketu : What has been said about Rahu is also true about Ketu. Both cannot be separted, they form an axis around which whole life revolves. They are 180° apart and mostly retrograde, cannot get combust.

If Ketu conjoins malefic planet, the results of malefic planets become more malefic and association with benefic planets creates sudden obstructions and benefic results get destroyed.

Horary for Beginners

Horary for Beginners

This highly specialized astrological application is very ancient. It deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers. The basis of the horary chart is the time your question is put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected. Personal details, such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed and so, for those who do not have this information, horary provides a method of dealing with problems with difficult situations.

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