7th lord Sun is posited in dushthana 12th along with Mercury the 8th lord, though the 7th lord and Saturn, lagna lord are having ithasala, the partnership will break. There is aspect of Mars on 7th lord Sun and 8th lord Mercury. 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter is in 8th with Ketu and 5th lord Mercury is in 12th. In navamsha, position does not improve.

"When will I get job?"

We are to examine 10th for profession, the 2nd house for improving bank balance, 6th house for the loss to employer and if all these houses in trine, they have permanent relation and influence on each other.

27-7-1969 at 17:30 hrs Delhi

Prashna Kundali

Prashna Kundali

See the chart 44. Consider the 10th and 10th lord for profession or employment. The Jupiter is posited in 10th house, 10th lord Mercury is posited in 8th and is combust, nakshatra of Saturn the 2nd lord an navamsha of Mars. The Saturn is posited in Mars sign, nakshatra of Saturn and navamsha of Sun. The 6th lord Venus is posited in Venus sign, nakshatra of Mars and navamsha of mercury, the lagna lord Jupiter is posited in 10th, Mercury sign, nakshatra of Sun and Navamsha of Venus. The lagna lord is in 10th lord and 10th lord is combust in 8th, having relation with 12th lord Mars so no job, service. The combust or retrograde planet will not give result.

"When will I get promotion?"

Judge 10th, 2nd, 6th and 11th houses for promotion. When you get promotion, someone loses therefore 6th house is also considered.

10-7-1969 at 11:00 hrs Delhi

Prashna Kundali

Prashna Kundali

As 10th and lagna lord Mercury is combust and posited in 12th with Ketu in Navamsha, no promotion.

"Will my business prosper?"

21-9-1968 at 12:30 hrs Delhi

Prashna Kundali

Prashna Kundali

Horary for Beginners

Horary for Beginners

This highly specialized astrological application is very ancient. It deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers. The basis of the horary chart is the time your question is put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected. Personal details, such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed and so, for those who do not have this information, horary provides a method of dealing with problems with difficult situations.

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