The proper place for the pictures of the ancestors

Pictures of the departed souls should always be placed in the West direction, but these pictures should not be kept along with gods and goddesses. Ancestors are dear and honourable to us, but they cannot take god’s place. Proper rituals must be performed for them on their death anniversary and during shraddha.


    Q1. Where should the poojaroom be located in a house and where not? Tell the result of all.

    Q2. What may be the ill effects if pooja room is made in kitchen?

    Q3. Where should the pictures of ancestors be hanged and why?

    Q4. What are the benefits of a pyramid shaped poojaroom ?

    Q5. What are the ill effects if pooja room is made in bed room?

Kitchen 21

The kitchen is the domain of the housewife and normally she spends a large part of her day in the kitchen, so the kitchen should be planned in such a way that she not only enjoys cooking but she is able to produce healthy and nutritious food and also maintain peace and harmony in her home.

Mars controls the kitchen and resides there. He is a fiery planet and kitchen is a fiery place. Food articles, spices, knives, forks, steel utensils, kerosene, gas, oven etc., all are articles of Mars. Mars is also a malefic planet who is karaka for fire, food poisoning, injuries and accidents. So kitchen should be in a proper place in the house.

Location of Kitchen

According to Vastu, the best place for the kitchen is in the Southeast corner or Agneya kona. If this is not possible then kitchen can be made in the Northwest or in the East. However even then the cooking platform or gas should be in the Southeast corner of the kitchen.

If the kitchen is in the Northeast it causes wastage of food or shortage of food. It also causes heavy expenditure, wastage of money or bankruptcy. Naturally there are disputes, fights and bickering in the house resulting in lack of peace.

Kitchen in the North is extremely inauspicious. North is the domain of kubera. Mars afflicts this direction and this causes excessive expense.

Kitchen in Southwest creates family quarrels which makes life miserable.

Kitchen should not be made in or above or below the pooja room or the bedroom or the toilet.

One should never make the kitchen in the bedroom or sleep in the kitchen because Mars represents the kitchen and Venus represents the bedroom and sex. This combination can be inauspicious for the family.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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