Ideal Staircases

The stairs should turn in clockwise direction from North to South or from East to West. While climbing up, upto midpoint the person should face West or South and after reaching up he should face North or East.

Direction of Staircase

Ideal Staircase

Similarly while climbing down, the person should face North or East at the end. If possible the stairs should not touch the Northern or Eastern walls. They should not be visible immediately after entering the house, otherwise it can give a feeling of tension on entering the house.

Entrance of Staircases

According to Chinese belief, in such a situation the magnetic balance of the house gets affected and adversely affects the owner. Potted plants should be kept on both sides of such a staircase. Ideal height of each step is 9 inches. It should not be more than this. If the height of a step is 9" then its breadth should be 11". In this manner one should keep a difference of 2" between the height and the breadth. In a large house the width of a step should be 4 feet. In a small house it can be 3 feet or 2½ feet. There should be a railing on both sides of the stairs.

The staircase should not begin with triangular steps. Staircase should not be very curved and spiral. One should not make a bedroom, sitting room, puja or a toilet under the staircase. One should also not sleep under the stairs. The beginning or the end of the staircase should not be in puja room, safe room, kitchen or store. This can give rise to constipation, indigestion and moles in the family members. If necessary, a bathroom (for bathing only) can be made under the stairs. Open area under the stairs is good for children’s education.

Correct Position of Staircases

The Stairs should always turn towards right. If they turn the other way then one or two steps in the beginning can be made to turn right and the rest can turn left.

Correct Position of Staircases

This staircase turns left wards while climbing up which should be corrected, so two steps can be added at the base turning right to correct this fault.


    Q1. What rules should be kept in mind while constructing the staircases?

    Q2. How should the number of staircases be counted?

    Q3. What is the ideal construction of staircases?

    Q4. What is the ideal difference between one step to the other in staircases?

    Q5. What are the results if staircases begin or end near poojaroom, locker room, kitchen or store room?

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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