• If possible the tank should not be made of plastic. If a plastic tank is necessary then it should either be black or blue, because these colours absorb sunlight and prevent impurities in water. White coloured tank reflects sunlight and with the result there is a possibility of water becoming impure. If possible a separate tank should be installed for the toilet.
  • Apart from Western Southwest, West, Western Northwest and Southern Southwest, tank in other corners is inauspicious. Remedy for this is, construction of a slightly higher room in the Southwest area.
  • Water tank on the terrace should be kept on 2-3 feet high platforms constructed on the roof. If the tank is kept on the flat surface of the roof then it creates mental tension for the residents.
  • In multistoried buildings, in which water is pumped up to the higher floors, one should make it a point to see that water pipeline always turns right while going up. This is very beneficial.
  • Exercise

      Q1. Which places are suitable for overhead tank? Tell the result of all.

      Q2. Why should not overhead tank be placed in Brahma sthan? What evil effects can it give?

      Q3. What should be the colour of tank and why?

      Q4. Why should not white tank be placed?

      Q5. Why should not overhead tank be placed on the surface of the roof ?

    Main Door of the House 16

    The main entrance door of the house is also called 'Pradhan dwar' or simha dwar'. This door should be larger, stronger and more attractive than the other doors of the house. Flawless main door is necessary for the progress and prosperity of the house. An auspicious main door ushers all kinds of happiness into the house.

    Doors of the house play an important role in the well being of the persons living in it. If the door happens to be in the wrong direction or in the wrong place or is affected by vedha, then the owner and his family members have to suffer from varied kinds of problems and they keep facing mishaps. On the other hand good positioning of the door, opens doors to opportunities of success and good fortune to the owner and his family.

    Entrance Best Positions : North of North East, North, East, South of South East, West of North West

    Main door

    In Vastu shastra, for every kind of plot and house, certain areas are accepted because of their auspiciousness and certain areas are rejected because of their inauspiciousness. Every plot is situated among the four directions namely North, South,

    Domestic Vastu

    Domestic Vastu

    The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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