• Starting from the Northeast corner moving eastward the first 20 ft becomes Northeast Ishan area, the next 20 ft becomes main East and the last 20 ft. becomes Southeast Agni area.
  • Similarly moving Northwards, the first 20 ft becomes Ishan, the next 20 ft main North and last 20 ft is Vayavya or Northwest area.
  • After this Ishan is divided into two equal parts of 10x10 ft. the first 10 ft is the main Ishan which is unfavourable for a boring water tank or a tap.

By using this place for a boring etc. the person makes illogical decisions, loses his leadership qualities and heads towards his doom:

Handpump in South

  • Handpump or Water tank is considered to be auspicious in Ishan kona only, whether it is inside or outside the house. This gives health, wealth prosperity and happiness to the owners' family along with wisdom and good fortune:
  • 179779.png
    Handpump in Ishan

  • Hand pump or water tank is even better on the eastern part of Ishan kona. Along with wealth it also promotes good fortune and happiness. People residing in such a house are honoured by the rich, the ministers and also by the king They are showered with gods blessings.
  • 179772.png
    Watertank in Eastern Ishan

  • Presence of hand pump or well towards the North of Ishan kona increases wealth. The residents get social status and recognition. It also promotes peace and happiness in the house.
  • 179763.png
    Well in North Ishan

  • Hand pump, well or a water tank is also considered good in the West of the house. It promotes prosperity and happiness:
  • 179756.png
    Handpump in West

  • Hand pump, well or water tank is not considered auspicious in the South direction. It can cause untimely demise of the owner’s wife. It also increases possibilities of accidents, mishaps and suicides.
  • 179597.png
    Water tank not in South

  • Presence of well, hand pump or water tank in Vayavya (Northwest) direction creates troubles from enemies and thieves. If the water source is in the exact vayavya kona then the owner's wife meets an untimely end. It also creates disputes and bickering among the family members.
  • 179587.png
    Water tank in Vayavya

  • Presence of well, hand pump or water tank in Nairritya (Southwest) direction creates incurable ailments and untimely demise of the owner and his family members. Apart from this there are fights, accidents, suicides and financial losses. These problems ultimately become reasons for breakup of the family.
  • 179579.png
    Well in nairitya

  • Well, hand pump or water tank in Agneya kona (Southeast) corner creates danger for the children and loss of wealth and honour. Fire and water are two opposite elements. When combined together they make life full of troubles and disputes. Source of water in this area is an indicator of accumulation of debt. The females suffer more than the males.
  • 179572.png
    Water tank in Agneya

  • If well, water tank or hand pump is in the centre of the house or the plot, it causes the ruin of the family. No one can live in such a place for long, his life remains disorderly, full of debt and poverty. He becomes unfortunate and miserable. His misery goes on increasing day by day. Gods get annoyed by him.
  • 179565.png
    Well in the center

    Domestic Vastu

    Domestic Vastu

    The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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