There is only one negative feature of these people, which is Ego or 'ahankar'. Jupiter gives wisdom and material success but also give ego at the same time.

Extension towards Northwest (Vayavya Vriddhi)

This plot is known as extended vayavya plot. If the plot is extended towards Northwest, whose lord is Moon, then the expansion is according to the significations of Moon and the longevity gets increased. Moon represents water, mind, blood circulation and emotions. For these reasons, people who reside in houses made on such plots have ailments related to blood. There is discord among the family members and the owner always remains worried. He has a disturbed mind and is prone to violence. Full Moon day normally affects many people adversely in terms of insanity and aggression. Such tendency is seen in people residing in such plots. They are devoted, but are imaginative and argumentative.

Vayavya Vriddhi

Moon also represents travel. Residents of these houses travel a lot. They keep changing their houses because of their job and there are ups and downs in their jobs or profession.

Northwest corner is the abode of wind God (Vayu Devata). Nature of wind is changeable and restless. Due to the airy element in their body, people residing in these plots develop weakness, worry and aggression. They have windy complaints and their hair becomes grey early. Almost all the family members have a weak constitution and they age early. Moon represents medicines. People residing in these plots also get the benefic influence of Moon. They become prosperous. Moon also represents water. These people always have plenty of water. Moon is also related to jobs, so these people normally get good jobs and most people of the family work.

Extension towards Southwest (Nairritya Vriddhi)t:

Plot with an extension in the Southwest is called Nairritya Vriddhi plot. Rahu and demon Nairritya reside in Southwest. Asura Rahu is a tamo guna planet. If the extension is in this direction then the tamasik qualities increase. Asura shakti and ghosts influence this land. Residents of a house built on this plot are hostile towards each other. Windy Rahu adds fuel to this fire. In such houses mutual relationship between the entitre family or father, son, mother is not good. All

Nairritya Vriddhi

the family members are very aggressive and easily angered. Often incidents related to poisoning, fire, aggression and use of weapons are seen in such houses. There can even be extreme incidents like suicide. There is always a threat from yama the god of death, so extension in this direction is most undesirable. Incidently extended south direction also belongs to yama. People residing in these houses are superstitious. There are weird happenings, related to ghosts etc, in the house. The children get addicted to intoxication. The owner may have two wives.

In this plot, construction should be done only up to the dotted line. The extended Southwest portion should be left vacant. Troubles will be there in any case. It is forbidden to construct on the entire plot. People residing on this plot should worship Hanuman Ji.

Extension towards Southeast (Agneya Vriddhi)

In such plots Southeastern corner is extended. God of fire and Venus reside in this direction. Venus represents the sexual instinct. He also represents enjoyment, glamour, bedroom, music, arts, dance, cosmetics and women.

Residents of a house built on this plot are obsessed with sex. They like enjoyment. They are glamorous, attractive and are interested in music, singing, dancing, cinema, drama and arts. In olden days the kings used to make places for dance, music and enjoyment in this corner of the plot.

Agneya Vriddhi

Even in modern times, the bedroom should be made in this corner. This is an excellent place for a beauty parlour. In such houses the wife and beautiful women are given importance. The reason is Venus again. In such a plot due to extension in the domain of Venus, the family may be under the domination of a lady. Venus is a Rajasik planet so rajasik tendency controls the residents. These qualities are enjoyment, sex, luxury and good living. In such houses there is fear of fire and of death because there is extension of south which is controlled by yama and extension of Southeast representing fire.


Plot with an extended Ishan (Northeast) is especially auspicious and desirable. It promotes health, wealth, prosperity and spirituality. It also helps in continuation of the family lineage and gives happiness from children.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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