Star Shaped Plot

Star shaped properties are very inauspicious from the point of view of Vastu and are rarely found. The person residing in such a plot is always surrounded by legal problems and court cases. As a result his financial condition remains weak. So it is better not to make residential house here.

Star Shape

Hand Fan Shaped Plot

Had fan shaped plots are irregular plots and they have many edges and corners. Such plots are extremely inauspicious. It causes loss of money and cattle. It can even bring the owner down to being a beggar, so residential house should not be constructed here.

Hand fan Shape

Temple Shaped Plot

People residing in such a plot are rough and low people. The owner of the house often leaves the house to become a sanyasi. So this plot is not suitable for family happiness.

Temple Shape

T Shaped Plot

T shaped plots don't augur well for the owner becauses it proves quiet harmful and inauspicious for him. Resident of this plot normally sells it within four or five years. However, its fifth owner may keep it longer and have some more stability.

T Shaped

Gaumukhi Plot

The plot which is narrow towards the front and broad towards the back is called Gau Mukhi or Kaka Mukhi plot. This plot is considered to be auspicious in general, but its auspiciousness dependents on certain factors.

  • If the entrance to the plot is from south or West, then it is auspicious.
  • If the plot is extended towards Northeast direction, then the plot is extremely auspicious. Such a plot is acquired only because of destiny. The bhagyodaya of the residents takes place and they achieve name, fame, prosperity, mental and financial attainments and have an all round growth. Their popularity becomes widespread and all their wishes get fulfilled.
  • If Northeast corner is reduced then it is not auspicious. There is lack of health, wealth and prosperity. Such a plot produces poverty, recurring ailments and mishaps. There is no peace and happiness.

Some inauspicious Gaumukhi plots are shown below :





Gaumukhi plots

Such plots cause sudden mishaps. Residents of these plot are always caught up in court cases and they develop suicidal tendencies. Before constructing a house on such a plot, it must be freed from its Dosha (faults).

Vyaghra Mukhi (Sher Mukhi) Plot

A plot which is broad towards the front side and narrow towards the back side is called vyaghra mukhi or chajmukhi. This plot produces misery, ailments and unhappiness. The residents are always surrounded by poverty, debts and sorrows. Their destiny seems to go sleep, so such a plot should not be used before rectifying its faults.

But if a vyaghra mukhi plot is extended towards Northeast, then it will provide peace, prosperity and happiness. Its residents will achieve name, fame, high status and all types of happiness. They have composite physical, mental and financial growth. They also get interested in spirituality. Hence vyaghramukhi plot extended towards Northeast is extremely auspicious.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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