Oval Plot

Such a plot is extremely troublesome. Residents of such a plot to faces a lot of misery, ill health losses and varied problems. These problems can be reduced by carving out the biggest rectangle and rejecting the rest of the plot.

Oval Plot

Hexagonal Plot ( 6 sided)

Hexagonal plots are irregular plot which have 6 sides. Such plots are not considered well from the point of Vastu. Such plots give average result, however it can cause government punishment. It can be used for construction by carving out the biggest square or rectangle and leaving the rest of the plot.

Hexagonal Plot

Octagonal Long Plot (8 sided)

Octagonal plots consist of 8 sides. This type of plot is considered inauspicious in Vastu. This type of plot causes a lot of troubles and creates a lot of problems. Residential dwelling places should not be made on such a plot.

Octagonal Plot

Wheel Shaped Plot

Wheel shaped plot have actually round shape and this is not considered good for dwelling or commercial purposes. Such a plot causes loss of money. Construction can be done on such a plot by carving out a square or rectangle and leaving the rest.

Wheel Shape

Triangular Plot

Triangular plots are irregular plots which have three corners. Such plots are considered inauspicious and cause harm due to fire and court cases. It also causes instability from the government and s. For these reasons, construction on such a plot should be carried out only after carving out a square or rectangle.

Triangular Plot

Semi circular Plot

Semi circular plots look like the half of the circle. This type of plot is not considered good in Vastu for any structure. It is inauspicious and causes poverty and unhappiness. Construction should be carried out only after carving out a rectangle.

Semi Circular Plot

Bow Shaped Plot

Residents of such a plot have many enemies. Along with this, they have to face varied problems and fear. To escape these results, a rectangle should be carved out of this plot and then construction should be carried out.

Bow Shaped Plot

Chariot (Rath) Shaped Plot

Chariot shaped plots don't have proper length and width. Such plots are not considered good for the construction of any building. This is extremely inauspicious for the owner. House should not be built on such a plot. If any house is built on such plots the inhabitants are bound to suffer from health problems, accidents and financial worries.

Chariot Shaped

Two Joined Chariot Shaped Plot

This is also very inauspicious. Its owner is always surrounded by problems and has thefts in the house. As a result his progress hinders and he is notable to prosper. So, it is better to avoid construction of a house on this plot. The results of two joined chariot shaped plots are also the same like that of the chariot shaped plots but the intensity of problems are more in such plots. There are frequent problems to the inhabitants.

Two joined chariot

Bucket Shaped Plot

Bucket shaped plots are irregular plots where the dimensions are not found to be proper. Such types of plot are highly inauspicious for residential buildings and commercial premises. Bucket shaped plots residents of such plots are always fround to be in debt and other types of problems.

Bucket Shape

Drum or Dholak or Mridangakar Shaped Plot

Drum shaped plots are irregular plots where all the sides are improper and non of the angle measures 90°. Such plots are inauspicious from the perspective of Vastu. The person residing here is weak and his wife has a sudden death. The inhabitants of the buildings built on such plots are never happy and they have to face problems in and out side the house on daily basis. Owner of this plot is of loose character. He has many affairs and spends a lot of money on this habit. So a residential dwelling place should not be constructed on this plot.


Conical Plot

Conical plots are like cones and are not augur well for the residents if houses are built on such plots. This is not auspicious. There is a lot of discord between the husband and wife living in such a house. There are lack of harmony between the members of the family. All the members have different opinions on any issue and they have strife and scuffle over trivial matters.

Conical Shape

Capsule Shaped Plot

Capsule shaped plots are also not considered good for residential buildings and commercial structures like shops, factories, offices etc. It gives mixed results. The person who resides here cannot accumulate money.

Capsule Shape

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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