Vidisha Plot

When the main directions of a plot fall in the corners of the plot instead of falling along the magnetic meridian, then the plot is known as the 'Vidisha plot'. If possible one should not buy such a plot because the energy level and the magnetic field of such a plot is very ordinary. The residents of this plot cannot get much benefit of the directions. If the vidisha plot has the road on its Northeast side, then it can be used for a residential house. In a vidisha plot the house should be constructed parallel to the boundary. It should not be constructed parallel to the main directions. More open space should be left in the Northeast directions. All the doors should be made in auspicious directions Southwest corner should be of 90°. The slope of the floor should be towards Northeast.

Vidisha Plot


    Q1. What do you mean by electro-magnetic flow?

    Q2. Why should the land be surrounded by a compound wall?

    Q3. Out of square or rectangular land which is the best and why?

    Q4. What should be the ratio of length and breadth in a rectangular land? If this ratio is more then what is its ill effect and how can it be corrected.

    Q5. What do you mean by diagonal plots? Should such land be bought, if no then why?

Shape of the Land 10

There are different shapes of any plot like square, rectangular, triangular, Pantangular, oval, hexagonal etc. Except square and rectangular lands all are named irregular and considered to be very inauspicious if any construction is made on such irregular plots. Vastu only recommends square and rectangular plots for any construction.

Regular Shaped Plot

Square shape, plot where all the four angles are of 90° and all the sides are of equal length.

AB = BC = CD = DA AC = BD

Result - Health, wealth and prosperity growth and peace of mind.

Square Plot

Rectangular Shaped Plot

In Rectangular shaped plot opposite sides are equal and 90° at all corners.

AB = CD & BC = AD

Result - Good for financial growth and happiness. The residents are well fed, prosperous and happy.

Rectangular Plot

Circular Plot

Such a plot generally restricts prosperity, but kumbha vrittakar (pitcher shaped) plot signifies prosperity. Living examples of such plots are Ring road, Cannaught place, Gole Market and Kamala Nagar in Delhi.

According to modern scholars, circular construction inside a circular plot does not give good results, while circular construction inside a square plot gives good results. Examples - Sansad Bhawan, Stadiums, buildings related to Buddha and other religions.

Circular Plot

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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