Slope towards the Northeast

Slope towards the Northeast bestows all round success, enhancement of fortune along with name, fame and prosperity.

Slope towards the Northwest

If the slope is lower than the Northeast, then the residents have many enemies and have regular thefts in the house. The owner is always attacked or is involved in court cases. Health of the family members remains a cause for concern.

Slope towards the Southeast

If this is lower than the Northeast, then there is danger of fire and enemies. This is especially bad for the women and children. It also creates thefts, deceipts, disputes and court cases.

Slope towards the Southwest

Southwest is Rahu's direction. Slope in this direction naturally makes Rahu's hold on the family stronger. With the result their unconventional behaviour increases and they get into bad habits like liquor, drugs, cigarettes, loose behaviour, gambling, crime etc. Their enemies go on multiplying and evil spirits affect their house. They face sudden mishaps and even death.


It can be said that the Nairritya region of the land should be the highest and the Northeast should be the lowest. The Vayavya (N.W.) should be higher than the Ishan (NE) and the Agneya (SE) should be higher than the Vayavya. People residing in such a house achieve all round success, prosperity and happiness.

Nairritya > Agneya > Vayavya > Ishan


    Q1. Which points should be kept in mind while selecting land?

    Q2. Which methods should be adopted for the examination of land?

    Q3. How many types of land are there? Explain.

    Q4. Classify land on the basis of Bhupristha and enumerate its good and bad qualities.

    Q5. What will be the effects if there is slope towards South-West direction in any land?

Adjoining Roads 8

Roads play important role in Vastu. The roads directly influence the destiny of inhabitants. Some roads are considered very auspicious for a particular building while some prove very inauspicious and bring bad luck and catastrophe to the dwellers. Passing roads in East and North side of a building are supposed to be very auspicious and giver of wealth and prosperity. On the contrary roads only in South direction of the building are considered inauspicious.

Before buying a plot of land proper consideration should be given to the adjoining roads. Adjoining roads in different directions produce different types of results.

Plot having road on the North side

(Quality - Good)

People residing in a house built on such a plot are fortunate. They became wealthy and prosperous.

North side road

Plot having road on the East side

(Quality - Good)

This plot is extremely auspicious. People residing in a house built on such a plot acquire name fame and high status.

East side road

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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