Water is an extremely important element found on earth. Water is a creator of life. No living being or plant can survive without water. Water covers 2/3 of the entire surface of the earth. Ponds, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans are all the different forms of water spread over the earth. All these are spread over 71% of the surface of the earth. Our earth is the only planet in the solar system which has water. That is why it is called the blue planet. The warm air of the atmosphere cools down as it rises upwards and gets converted into liquid form and this spreads in the sky as clouds. These clouds give rain, which gets collected in the form of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. This is the water cycle which goes on and on. One part of oxygen remains dissolved in water and all the life forms which live in water obtain their oxygen in this form.

Three quarters of our entire body weight is made up of water. Our body requires plenty of water for its survival. We can fall ill due to lack of water or get dehydrated. Apart from man, plants, animals and the house also requires plenty of water. Taste, touch and sound are the special qualities of water.

While constructing a house, special attention should be paid to the source of water. Enough water should be available for the house. The source of water for daily use should be in the Northeast or in Ishan. Water gets polluted easily but it keeps on getting purified by the heat of the Sun. This principle is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. There should also be a proper drainage system so that there is no damage to the house because of accumulated water or rain. It is important to have the source of water in the auspicious direction.



Earth is a planet and air, water and minerals are found on the earth. The upper layer of the earth is known as mud or soil. Stones, sand, iron and lime all are part of the soil. The magnets situated towards the North and the South within the earth, along with the gravitational force of the earth, influence all the living and non living inhabitants of the earth. Life started when the earth and the other planets came into existence. For this reason the earth is also known as the 'Mother earth'. The idea behind 'Bhumi Poojan' at the beginning of house construction is to pay respect to mother earth. Life and home without earth is unimaginable.

Earth is the centre of the magnetic and gravitational forces. Because of these forces the earth can provide a consolidated base for the buildings and houses constructed on its surface. The shape of soil and level of the earth differ from place to place. The shape, level, appearance, colour and smell of the earth affects the house in different ways, so it becomes important to consider these aspects of the land before finalising the plot. Other important qualities of the earth are touch, sound, taste, smell and appearance.

Abode of the Panchatatvas

Due to their meditation and deep contemplation, our esteemed rishis found out that the panchatatvas control different directions and they also control the various body parts of the human being. They maintained that our body is created from these panchatatvas and at the end of life the body gets reabsorbed into these five elements. "From dust to dust", the saying goes.

Ether + Fire + Air + Water + Earth = process of creation.

Air + Water + Fire + Earth + Ether = process of destruction.

Five Elements in hand

Abode of the five elements

Five elements

In the Body

In hand






Middle finger



Index finger



Little finger



Ring finger

A harmonious balance between the five elements within residential house, shop, office, workshop, hotel, garden or in the industrial or official complex promotes all round progress, success and longevity. Hence construction should be carried out maintaining a good balance between the five elements.

The importance of the universal energies in house construction

There are innumerable energies in the universe carrying on the processes of creation and destruction continuously. In Vastu Shastra apart from the five elements three other forms of energy are also considered.

    1. Gravitational Force

    2. Magnetic Force

    3. Solar Energy

Gravitational Force

The earth possesses a power of attraction which is known as the force of gravity. The speed with which the earth pulls an object is directly proportional to the weight of the object. If the object is heavy, the earth can pull it towards herself with a faster speed. If an object is of light weight then the earth can pull it towards herself at a slower speed. Keeping this principle in mind it can be determined as to which land is suitable for which type of construction.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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