Magnetic compass denotes the area from 67½° to 112½° as east direction. The lord of this direction is Sun and the deity is Indra. Sun rises in the East. Therefore this direction has been given first place. This direction represents good health, intellect, wealth, destiny, happiness and prosperity. It is essential to keep this direction free from any fault otherwise we won’t get the blessings of deceased forefathers (pitrigana). The health of head of family won’t remain good and he won’t live long. In addition to this it might result in the loss of progeny also.



Magnetic compass denotes the area from 247½° to 292½° as the West direction. Planet Saturn is the lord of this direction and deity is Varun. This direction brings success, fame, prosperity and bright future. The fault in this direction proves inauspicious for the stability of mind, the mind remains tense and one doesn’t get complete success in accomplishing the tasks.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 337½° to 22½° as the north direction. The planet Mercury is its lord and deity is Kuber. This direction gives all sorts of happiness. This direction signifies intellect, knowledge, contemplation, meditation and studies. It also denotes the feeling of motherhood. If the house is constructed leaving open space towards North direction, then it gives happiness from the mother and gives achievement of all kinds of material comforts and prosperity. If there is high wall in this direction then it results in ailments related to chest, lungs and heart.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 157½° to 202½° as the South direction. Mars is the lord and deity is Yam. This direction signifies success, glory, post, reputation, courage and patience. This direction also represents the left side of the chest and the spine. Keeping this direction high and heavy is beneficial. Source of water and mirror in the South is disease producing.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 112½° to 157½° as South- east direction. Venus is the lord and Agni is the deity of this direction. This direction is connected with health. Therefore if this direction in a house has some defects the health of the person staying in that house doesn’t remain good. Any one of the family members always has some health problem and other members of the family become lazy. If this direction doesn’t have any fault, then it fills the family members with lot of vigour and energy. In addition to this, head of the family also enjoys happiness from his wife and children.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 202½° to 247½° as South- west direction. Rahu is its lord and deity is Nairriti. This is the direction of devil and that of a person engaged in cruel activity. Therefore this direction should not be kept vacant. The area of South- west has been fixed for earth element. This is the most stable among all elements. Therefore this area enables us to fight all sorts of difficulties. If this portion of the house is defective, the owner of that house always has problems in life and there is a constant fear of enemies, accidents, sudden death and mental or physical injury.

Family members might even become victims of evil eye or black magic etc.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 292½° to 337½° as Northwest direction. Lord of this direction is Moon and deity is Pawandev. This direction signifies friends and enemies. It is connected with relatives and guests also. If this direction is defective then the friends turn into foes. The behaviour of other people with the head of family is not good and they become his enemies unnecessarily and he gets into legal disputes. This direction represents the naval, inestines, gall bladder, sperm, uterus, upper part of the stomach, right leg and the knee. Defect in this direction creates problems in these body parts and also produces asthma, eye sight problems and digestive problems.


Magnetic compass denotes the area from 22½° to 67½° as Northeast direction. The ruling planet is Jupiter and deity is Paramapitaparmeshwara. This direction is very auspicious for intellect, knowledge, spiritual discrimination, patience and courage. Any fault in this direction causes various types of troubles. The intellect gets corrupted and there is an atmosphere of lack of harmony in the family and mental tension keeps on increasing. The mind of head of family and that of other family members get corrupted. Family starts complaining about the lack of a male child. Therefore it is inevitably essential that this direction doesn’t have any fault.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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