How to rectify the Vastu defects of a house (Analysis of a defective house)

In the original house, the kitchen is made in the Southwest. Right next to the kitchen, in the Southwest itself a bathroom including toilet is made. Another toilet is made towards centre and a staircase is made in the Southeast direction. This is not acceptable from the point of vastu. The result was health problem of the family and an under developed child.


Correction of the same house according to the principles of vastu

The extended part (garage) in the Northern Vayavya has been corrected by the use of pyramids. The owner was advised to make the master bedroom in the Southwest, toilet in the West, pooja in the East. Alongwith this, a staircase was constructed in the Southwest. The progress and prosperity of that house is clearly visible after the Vastu corrections.


Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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