Fire and water not in one line

Fire and water should not be in a line on the same platform. It creates disputes and bickering among the family members. This can be rectified by attaching a pyramid strip on the ceiling of the kitchen as shown.

Fire & Water

Face East while Cooking

The housewife should face East while cooking so that she gets the benefit of energy from East. She would remain healthy and cook nutritious food. If she faces South or West while cooking, her health will get affected adversely. If there is a problem in facing East while cooking, then a 9x9 pyramid of 3 inches should be fixed directly in front of her face.


Toilet not adjoining the bedroom

Now a days attached toilets are the need of the hour. But according to Vastu any toilet should not be attached or adjacent to any bedroom. If it happens to be there then, three pyramids should be fixed on the door sill of the toilet as shown.


The Staircase not in the Ishan

The staircase in Ishan produces financial scarcity, mental tension and many other problems. If possible the staircase should be moved to the Nairritya. If this is not possible then 9x9 max pyramids should be fixed under the steps. In addition three pyramids should be fixed up to the third step so that the energy lost by the Ishan because of the staircase can be replenished.



    Q1. What is the meaning of Pyramid and what is its utility?

    Q2. How is pyramid used to correct the extended plot? Explain through diagram?

    Q3. How is pyramid used to correct the truncated plot? Explain through diagram?

    Q4. How is pyramid used to correct the Brahma Sthan? Explain through diagram?

    Q5. How is pyramid used to correct the obstacles in front of main entrance role?

Plans based on Vastu Principles 40

If construction is done on any plot based on the knowledge of Directions and on the principles of Vastu, then residing in such a house, a person can be happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful.Before starting the construction on any land, it is essential to make the layout according to the need taking into account the principles of Vastu so that complete harmony could be maintained and peace, happiness and welfare of the residents could be ensured.

These plans are based on different directions and different shapes of plots.

Plan for a plot facing the North Road

187579.pngIn this plan the main gate is in the Ishan which falls in the best category according to Vastu and is very auspicious. Pooja, bedrooms, staircase and the kitchen all are in their ideal position. This is an excellent plan as per Vastu.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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