The pyramid should be placed in a clean and airy place. Some side of the pyramid should be placed (samanantar) parallel to the North and South pole of the earth.

There should be no dirt near the pyramid and it should be kept away from electrical wires and appliances. But it can be placed on top of a computer or other electronic gadgets.

Rectification of an extended plot

Southwest extension of any plot is not considered good. It produces illness, mental tension and accidents. Additionally fear of ghosts and suicidal tendencies are also seen. To rectify this fault, a wall of pyramids should be made and fixed below the plot so that the plot could become a square or a rectangle. The maximum distance between the pyramids can be three feet, but it is best to have them at a distance of one foot from each other. The wall should be made with multiples of 9. Eg 9, 18, 27 etc.

Rectification of extended plot

Rectification of a plot with reduced corners

Reduced or cut corners of any plot are not good, especially if Northeast is reduced. It produces mental tension, lack of wisdom, money, children and spiritual progress is curtailed. To rectify this defect a wall of pyramids should be made and fixed in the corner.

Rectification of reduced plot

For keeping the Brahma sthan free from defect

Brahmasthal is supposed to be the heart of the Vastu Purush, so it is most essential to keep it free from affliction. To keep this area energized, place 9 multier pyramids in the Brahmasthal of the house.

Brahma sthan

For keeping the toilet free from defects

The toilet should not be located in the Northeast otherwise it creates financial problems. To rectify this fault, pyramids should be fixed on its outer walls. This reduces the negative effects.


A pillar on the Brahmasthal

Pillar in Bramhasthan

Since Brahmasthal is the heart of the Vastu Purush, no weight should be loaded here. This hinders the progress of the whole family. To rectify this, eight pyramids should be placed around the pillar.

Pillar in Bramhasthan

Apart from this the pillar can be divided into two equal halves with the use of pyramids and the dosha can be rectified as shown in the figures.

Protection of the Main Door

Main door is the most essential segment of any structure and its should be fully Vastu compliant. Unless the Dwar Dosha is rectified, full result of the other remedies can't be received. By fixing 9x9 pyramids this dosha can be rectified.

Main Door Protection

For energizing the rooms

Pyramids and Pyrastrips are one of the best source of the rectification of Vastu faults. For removing the vastu dosha inside the rooms and for energizing the rooms, Pyra strip can be fixed as shown.

Energizing Room

Correction of the Slope

Slope of the floor towards the Northeast gives happiness and prosperity. If this slope is defective, i.e. is towards Southwest, then pyramids can be fixed as shown to rectify this defect.

Slope Correction

A small plot between two houses

If a small plot is located between two large plots then its progress is stunted. To remove this defect, pyramids should be placed on both walls as shown. This is an effective remedy.

Small plot

Obstruction to the main door

The main door should be free from any obstruction. If there is an obstruction to it then a protective wall of pyramids should be made inside the gate surrounding the house.


Electrical appliances not in the Northeast

No electrical equipment should be plugged in or used in the Northeast. If it happens to be there, then to remove this defect eight multier pyramids should be fixed around the equipment.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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