Dragon Faced Boat

Dragon faced boat is the symbol of unity in diversity and harmony amongst the members. For keeping good relationship and unity among the family members, this boat should be placed in the Southwest corner.

Dragon Faced Boat

Crystal Globe

Crystal globe should be kept in the house or in the work place in such a way that it faces you. It should be turned around at least thrice a day. It will be beneficial for career and business. It also promotes education and knowledge.

Crystal Globe

Other Remedies of Vastu and Feng Shui

  • Fixing a nine pyramid yantra on the door removes Dwar Dosha.
  • If three doors are in a row in a house or in any vastu, then hanging a crystal ball in the centre of the door removes this defect.
  • A small aquarium of golden fish in the house enhances good fortune of the house. it can be kept in the North or in the East.
  • For developing pleasant relations in the family, a group photograph of the entire family in a happy mood should be hung in the house.
  • Swabbing the house with salt water helps in removing the negative energy from the house.
  • Place a ceramic bowl full of sea salt in the toilet. It can remove the dosha of a toilet made in the wrong direction.
  • Place a globe in the Northeast for education and knowledge. Hang pictures of great personalities in the children’s room.
  • Hang a picture of mountains (without water) in the Southwest.
  • Place love birds in the Southwest.
  • Keep Chinese lucky coins in your pocket for financial prosperity. Fix three of these coins on the money box.
  • Horse shoe is considered to be very lucky and auspicious in India. It enhances good fortune or Saubhagya. For getting protection and good fortune, the horse shoe should be fixed in the centre of the frame (door sill) of the main door. It should never be fixed on the door in the East and Southeast direction. It should be fixed on the doors in the West, Northwest or North direction. This would be beneficial. The horse shoe should always be placed like a U.
  • For reducing the dosha of a beam in a room, two flutes should be tied with red ribbon and fixed at an angle of 45° on both sides of the beam.
  • Sacred Tulsi plant, which is a symbol of good health should be placed on both sides of the main door. Main door is that part of the house through which all the beneficial and harmful energy enters the house. Placing Tulsi
  • plants on both sides of it, attracts the guests and increases the grandeur, majesty and prosperity of the persons living within.
  • For success and prosperity, keep a gem stone tree in the Northeast of your sitting room.
  • For stability and status, use red colour in the Southern part of the house and decorate it with red articles.
  • Picture of Shri Krishna removes Vastu dosha and brings in happiness.
  • For marital happiness, keep a picture of Krishna ji playing his murali accompanied by Radha ji and a peacock. The peacock feather of Krishna ji’s crown is also a symbol of happiness.
  • If there is some obstruction like a pole or a tree in front of the main door then fix a pakua mirror to remove this dosha.
  • Never keep papers related to any dispute in the Agneya (Southeast) direction. They should be kept in the Ishan or in the Northern Vayavya.
  • Place a clock either in the North or in the East.
  • If there are thefts in the house regularly, then Mangal yantra should be installed. If there are riots, uproars and disasters in the house then Bhaya keelak yantra should be installed.
  • In the houses, in which Ishan kona is reduced or cut or afflicted, it is beneficial to carry out this remedy. Fill a copper pot (lota) with water, cover it with a silver bowl (katori) and keep four pearls in it. Every morning rub and wash the lota and katori and fill the lota with fresh water.
  • If the cooking stove of the house is in the Ishan and it is impossible to remove it due to circumstances then light a red bulb in the Agneya and always keep a plate full of water under the stove.
  • Maruti yantra is the yantra of Hanuman ji, son of Maruti. There are many uses of this yantra. One of these is a very popular use related to vastu. If somebody’s land is not getting sold or if his land is under some dispute, then he should take this yantra and go to his land on a Tuesday at 12 noon. He should face East and bury the yantra in the ground. The owner should himself dig a pit of 1¼' length of the land in the East or Northeast and then bury the yantra and pour milk and Ganga Jala over it. The dispute will get resolved within three months and the land will be sold for a good price.
  • The houses in which there is some kind of constraint, progress has come to a stand still and no amount of effort is relieving the situation, then they should hang a lemon and green chillies on the main door on Saturdays. Slowly the constraint will ease away.
Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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